Danfier Rivero Suarez studied MSc Mathematics with Applications to Finance at the University of Leeds

Danfier Rivero Suarez

I enjoy problem solving and love a challenge. My field of study is in statistics, and I discovered my interest in this area whilst doing my undergraduate degree, where I had my first academic experience, in the role of teaching assistant.

I really enjoyed teaching statistical methods and providing support to students with statistics and mathematics. 

I believe that my MSc Statistics with Applications to Finance is a challenging and rewarding course. The more I learn about statistics and finance, the more excited I become about my chosen field. 

I think that studying abroad is one of the most beneficial experiences of your life. It's a great opportunity to completely immerse yourself in a new language and a new culture.

I've found an excellent Masters course at the University of Leeds, which has a great reputation. Also, Leeds is a lovely and affordable city. 

I've been really lucky to have loads of memorable experiences whilst I have been at the University. But for me, the most memorable part of my university experience so far is the international friends I have made. Finding friends like that is truly memorable. 

I'd highly recommend coming to the University of Leeds to study.

Regardless of the course you choose, the University provides a top notch education to prepare you for the world beyond university life and the experiences and friendships you gain whilst living in such a fantastic city will last a lifetime. 

At the moment, I'm really focused on my dissertation related to financial risk management, and want to learn more about this topic. After that, I am really interested to develop my career in financial risk management.