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Mathematical logic, a young subject, has developed over the last 30 years into an amalgam of fast-moving disciplines, each with its own sophisticated techniques. These are linked by profound common concerns, around definability, decidability, effectiveness and computability, the nature of the continuum, and foundations. Some branches are highly multidisciplinary and force the researcher to be fully conversant with other fields (e.g. algebra, computer science).

The Logic Group at the University of Leeds is one of the largest and most active worldwide, with a long uninterrupted tradition dating back to 1951, when its founder Martin Löb moved to Leeds. It has an international reputation for research in most of the main areas of mathematical logic - computability theory, model theory, set theory, proof theory, and in applications to algebra, analysis, number theory and theoretical computer science.

PhD opportunities

We have opportunities for prospective postgraduate researchers. Find out more.

We host a very large and lively group of postgraduate researchers and post-doctoral fellows funded with EPSRC, EU and US support, and it has been the focus of extensive international collaboration via various research projects and networks in proof theory, computability theory and model theory. We also host regular seminars and events.


Our academic staff are listed as follows:

Our postdoctoral researchers are listed as follows:

Seminar series

The Logic group runs several weekly seminars:

  • Logic seminar, Wednesday 4-5pm, MALL 1
  • Algebra, Logic and Algorithms seminar, Wednesday 4-5pm, MALL 1
  • Models and Sets seminar, Tuesday 2-3pm, MALL 1
  • Proofs, Constructions and Computations, Wednesday 2-3pm, MALL 1
  • Postgraduate Logic seminar, Monday 2-3pm

We are part of the Yorkshire and Midlands Category Theory Seminar and the Lancashire Yorkshire Model Theory Seminar. Since 2008, we have hosted a Löb lecture every four years.