Academic collaborations

The School of Mathematics collaborates with a diverse range of interdisciplinary research groups to support its world-leading and world-changing research in the mathematical sciences.

London Mathematical Society Network Research Groups at The School of Mathematics  

The School of Mathematics is the co-ordinating centre for three London Mathematical Society (LMS) Joint Research Groups. Thanks to the support from the LMS, these networks
organise one-day research seminars events across the academic year. Such events 
provide an opportunity for research collaboration across universities in the UK, training of early-career researchers and PhD students, who are exposed to recent research developments and given an opportunity to present their work. These groups are an asset to the school, creating a sense of academic community and linking different research groups across the UK.

The Yorkshire and Midlands Category Theory Seminar (YaMCATS)

This is a category theory research network between the universities of Birmingham, Cambridge and Leeds. Its aim is to provide an opportunity for discussions and collaborations within the category theory community in the UK and beyond, as well as to promote applications of category theory across disciplines.

The Lancashire Yorkshire Model Theory Seminar  (LYMOTS)

This is a collaboration between the model theorists at the Universities of Leeds, Manchester and Central Lancashire (Preston). The network runs three workshops a year with a diversified range of speakers, from local to international and from young to senior, including a problem session once a year designed to engage PhD students with different types of research.

The Classical and Quantum Integrability network (CQI)

The network brings together seven research nodes in partner universities (Durham, Edinburgh/Heriot-Watt, Glasgow, Leeds, Loughborough, Northumbria, York). By running four workshops per year, the main aim is to promote the latest international developments in the field of integrable systems to the principal actors based in the UK, with an emphasis on involving young researchers and PhD students. 

The School of Mathematics is also a participating member of other similar LMS networks: