Research and innovation

Efficient catalytic converters

Scientists are using an analysis of gases in the atmosphere of Venus to develop a new generation of lower-cost and more effective catalytic converters

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Cars on a highway
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Bragg Centre

The Bragg Centre for Materials Research brings together scientists and engineers across a wide range of disciplines to work across six major research themes

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Bragg Centre for Materials Research
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Our research addresses key national and global challenges through the development of novel robotic technologies

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Robotic load sensing platform
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Research and innovation

The range and scope of our research is extensive and covers all of the major engineering disciplines, mathematics and physical sciences, integrating fundamental science and mathematical modelling with the development of processes, devices and technologies that can address challenges of national and global importance.

Research areas

Explore our multidisciplinary research areas which bring together engineers and scientists to work on challenges of global importance.

An interdisciplinary network driving innovation in robotics research.

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The Bragg Centre aims to discover, create and design new materials.

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The Leeds Institute for Data Analytics ensures new understanding in health and behaviour from vast data collections

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The Leeds Institute for Fluid Dynamics brings together cross-disciplinary expertise to maximise the impact of fluids research

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The Medical Technologies IKC develops innovative technological solutions for improving health and restoring body function

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Scientific and engineering expertise in tribology, corrosion and surface engineering

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Research degrees

We host a number of centres for doctoral training, which are supported by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council and UK Research and Innovation.

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Visit to search project ideas, funding, research areas and potential PhD supervisors.

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Research partnerships

We have partnerships with a number of prestigious research institutions.

The UK’s national institute for data science and artificial intelligence research.

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A national body dedicated to bringing about transformative changes in life science.

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The UK’s national centre for research and innovation of advanced materials.

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