Mirusaine Ramarajaha

Mirusaine Ramarajaha studies Mathematics BSc and completed an industrial placement year at PriceWaterhouseCoopers following her second year of study. During her studies she was introduced to the main branches of mathematics, developing a solid understanding of these core areas.

Choosing Leeds

Mirusaine always enjoyed studying maths, particularly at A Level. The breadth of the degree at Leeds attracted her to apply. She said: “regardless of what type of maths you like, there are modules covering it.”

“I also liked the fact that I could choose a lot of the modules I wanted to do myself, allowing me to really make the degree my own. I have been focussing a lot on the applied modules this year, like mathematical biology.”

Year in industry 

After her second year, Mirusaine completed an industrial placement at PricewaterhouseCoopers as an audit associate. Her role was to work with clients to audit their financial statements and ensure they were a true and fair view of the company’s performance.

Working for such a reputable company gave me an insight into the industry and professional environment. I thoroughly enjoyed my year there.

Mirusaine Ramarajaha, School of Mathematics 

“There were times that it was challenging but I have learnt and developed a lot, from interpersonal skills such as working with clients to technical excel skills. The placement itself has given me a direction to work towards in terms of my career,” said Mirusaine.

Maths at Leeds

Throughout her degree Mirusaine has been able to pick a wide range of modules, often quite different to each other. She commented “In my second year, I chose a module called ‘the mathematics of music’ which was incredibly interesting. It’s not something I’ve ever considered before and really opened my eyes to the ubiquity of maths.”

She added “I also chose the ‘maths into schools’ module. This one was based around how maths is taught in schools, giving us the opportunity to see this first-hand, interact with students, and complete a project of our choice.”

Future students 

When asked what she would say to students thinking about studying maths at Leeds Mirusaine said: “Enjoy the whole experience! Get involved in the society events, the socials, the sports events etc. I’d also say that it doesn’t matter if you have no idea what type of maths you enjoy, the first few semesters give you an overview. If you have any concerns or just need advice, there’s a lot of support available so definitely reach out and seek it!”

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