Azael Capetillo

Why I chose to study for a PhD at the University of Leeds

It is always good to be prepared, although I've already complete two masters courses, I realised that for my specific area of interest (R&D) a higher level of research skills and scientific analysis were needed, a PhD is a great way to obtain such skills.

I choose the University of Leeds due to its expertise and recognition in my area of research. Also the facilities are top level.

About my research

I saw a great need for technologies that promote sustainability and health in the near future. The main area of my research is air treatment, and in particularly I am looking at reducing fibrous air filtration by using photochemical filters. This means using UV light to destroy bacteria in the air aided with a semiconductor material capable of decomposing volatile organic compounds. If successful, the technology could help to reduce airborne infections while reducing energy consumption in buildings.

My favourite part of studying of Leeds

Getting to know people from so many places and cultures has turned my research into a rich and exiting experience, moreover, all the activities around the University have kept me busy and entertained (football tournaments, student society events, research competitions etc.)

Activities outside of my studies

I'm the secretary of the Mexican Society at the University of Leeds, which has been a great experience socially and culturally (you won't believe it but most members are not Mexicans!! but people wanting to know about the Mexican culture). I'm also a board member of the Air Treatment Committee at the International UV Association, a role that has helped me a lot in my research activities.

My advice to prospective students

Engineering is a very creative area, is not set by specific rules, but by the imagination and the use of specific knowledge in the best manner possible.

Life as an international students studying at Leeds

It has been without a doubt the best experience of my life, I've made great friends, it's a bit difficult at the beginning, perhaps due to the cultural shock, but once you understand how things work it gets easier and exciting.