in School of Civil Engineering

Last name First name Phone number Email Position
Dr Mohammed Abdelmegid Abdelmegid Mohammed +44(0)113 343 8490 Lecturer in Engineering Management
Sarmad A. Ali Ali Sarmad Postdoctoral Researcher
Leslie Arkless Arkless Leslie +44(0)113 343 2258 Analytical Technician Microstructure Materials Characterisation
Asachi Maryam Lecturer in Water and Environmental Engineering
Awais Yasar Senior Lecturer in Architecture
Azam Kamran Lead Technician
Dr Akintunde Babatunde Babatunde Akintunde +44(0)113 343 2743 Associate Professor
Dr Dani Barrington Barrington Dani +44(0)113 343 6260 Visiting Lecturer in Water, Sanitation & Health
Bartram James Professor of Public Health and Environment
Professor Muhammed Basheer Basheer Muhammed +44(0)113 343 2272 Chair in Structural Engineering
Prof. Susan A Bernal Bernal Lopez Susan Professor of Structural Materials
Dr Christian Berretta Berretta Christian Lecturer
Dr Mohsen Besharat Besharat Mohsen +44(0)113 343 3417 Lecturer (Assistant Professor)
Dr Shashank B. Subramanyam Bettadapura Subramanyam Shashank +44(0)113 343 1445 Lecturer in Geotechnical Engineering
Professor Leon Black Black Leon +44(0)113 343 2283 Professor of Infrastructure Materials
Bocian Mateusz Associate Professor in Structural Engineering
Dr Douglas Booker Booker Douglas Lecturer in Indoor Air
Soumava Boral Boral Soumava Research Fellow in Artificial Intelligence (Circular Economy)
Dr Duncan Borman Borman Duncan +44(0)113 343 2354 Associate Professor
Professor Denise Bower Bower Denise +44(0)113 343 2271 Professor