Research and Innovation

Smeaton300: Civil engineer’s legacy inspires programme for 2024

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The Smeaton300 logo and the words "celebrating the legacy of UK's first civil engineer through arts and science"
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Improved health measures

Tools developed by Dr Barbara Evans and her team, and the World Bank, has transformed the disposal of the faecal waste in the global south

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Sanitation in urban environments
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Green concrete alternatives

Our researchers are developing low-carbon cements with the aim of achieving reduced CO2 emissions from infrastructure

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Research and innovation

Research in the School of Civil Engineering contributes to delivering the infrastructure that we all rely on in everyday life. We have an ethos of working at the interfaces with other disciplines to tackle key societal and technical challenges, and our research has an impact at a global scale. 

We have strong partnerships within the University of Leeds, including long-standing collaborations with the Institute for Transport Studies, Robotics at Leeds, the Centre for Global Development, and Leeds Centre for Projects

We have leadership roles in major initiatives across the University: water@leeds, an interdisciplinary centre for water research, the Institute for High Speed Rail and System Integration, the Centre for Infrastructure Materials, and the Neville Centre of Excellence in Cement and Concrete Engineering.


"world-leading" or "internationally excellent"

Submitted research - REF 2021

Over 75

academic and research staff

working with over 60 PhD researchers to deliver high-impact research


"world-leading" or "internationally excellent"

Submitted research impact - REF 2021

Our research

We conduct interdisciplinary research to address the increasing need for sustainable and resilient infrastructure caused by rising environmental and human pressures on urban spaces.

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The relationships between civil infrastructure, human health and the environment are at the heart of the work in the Water, Public Health and Environmental Engineering theme.

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We're driven by the need for sustainable infrastructure now and in the future. We develop materials, processes and systems that show excellent performance under environmental and human stressors.

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Research centres

We're developing one of the most advanced centres in the world for high speed rail planning, design and manufacturing. It's the UK's first research centre for high speed rail and system integration.

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Using state-of-the-art facilities, we study the ageing of a suite of materials, from the ubiquitous concrete, steel and masonry through to novel bioplastics and carbon-neutral geopolymer cements.

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We bring together academics and industry to drive research-led education in cement and concrete. We develop links between experts in nano- and micro-structure, and in long-term macroscale performance.

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Collaborate with us

We specialise in helping your business to thrive, grow, and innovate by giving you access to our research expertise, training and facilities.

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Our researchers use a range of cutting-edge facilities, from public health laboratories to full-scale testing rigs.

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