Neville Centre of Excellence in Cement and Concrete Engineering

About the Neville Centre

sections of a concrete bridge under construction

The Neville Centre facilitates solutions for both industry and academia in cement and concrete design engineering. It focuses on developing links between current material experts working at the nano- and micro-structure scale, and those focused on long-term macroscale design performance, enhancing both traditional and innovation-led design.  

The Centre maximises industrial involvement and ensures a productive dialogue between fundamental research and practical application. 

A tribute to Professor Adam Neville

The Centre, created on the 6 October 2017, takes its name from Adam Neville, former Professor and Head of the Department of Civil Engineering at University of Leeds from 1968 to 1978.  

Professor Neville was recognised internationally as a world-leading expert in concrete and wrote the seminal textbook, ‘Properties of Concrete’ – known as the “concrete bible” by engineering students and graduates everywhere. The Centre commemorates his second-to-none contributions to the area of concrete. 

Our team 

At the heart of the Neville Centre are its people. Our members help us become a centre of excellence that channels diversity, interdisciplinarity and project expertise. We pride ourselves on a broad and comprehensive coverage of concrete, cement and civil engineering across both industry and academia. Our members share a common passion to improve our understanding and capability in concrete and cement with the aim to advance materials, sustainability, theory and practice.

Key contacts

2024 diary of Neville Centre events 

The Neville Centre prides itself on being at the forefront of knowledge-sharing that encompasses both academia and industry. Alongside our annual National Symposium, we run regular spring and autumn webinars.  

  • 26 March – Spring Seminar Series (1) - 12:00, focusing on a theme of “Moving beyond Portland Cement”.
  • 31 May – Spring Seminar Series (2) – 12:00, focusing on “The new Eurocode 2: Background, main changes, and introduction of new materials”.
  • 5 July – Spring Seminar Series (3) – 14:00, focusing on “Lowering emboded carbon of concrete and concrete recycling”.
  • 27 September – Autumn Seminar Series (1)*
  • 25 October – Annual Symposium celebrating Joseph Aspdin and Portland Cement’s Patent Anniversary and PhD Prize
  • 22 November – Autumn Seminar Series (2)*

*details to follow. 

Please note that all Seminar Series events are free to attend, and CDP accredited by the Institute of Concrete Technology. 

If you have any interesting topic area or research that you would be willing to share at one of our sessions, please contact us via email at  

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