Infrastructure Materials

Our researchers can access large-scale environmental chambers, high-powered electron microscopes and x-ray microtomography equipment

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Cities, Infrastructure and Energy

Cities, Infrastructure and Energy

In the twenty-first century we will be increasingly dependent on cities and the infrastructure systems that support and inter-connect them to live in a sustainable manner. As we face the challenges of climate change it is essential that we adapt to net-zero emission energy systems, low energy buildings, circular economies and more resilient approaches to designing and managing infrastructure. Our inter-disciplinary research seeks to address these challenges directly.

Our infrastructure resilience, high-speed rail and robotics research addresses the key issues of sustainable next generation infrastructure and the role of autonomous systems in maintaining cities of the future. The groups expertise in Architecture spans heritage, urbanism and topics at the interface of engineering in architecture such as digital design and fabrication.

Our researchers are developing some of the most energy-efficient approaches to heating and cooling and ventilation in buildings, while also seeking to ensure the health and wellbeing of occupants. Our research also addresses innovative alternatives to how energy is generated, distributed, and stored, and the ways energy infrastructure is procured, owned and managed.

A circular economy offers solutions to global sustainability challenges through the transition from the linear take-make-use-dispose economy to a better organisation of resources. Our researchers play a leading role in circular economy research at Leeds working with colleagues in other Faculties in what is a national centre of excellence in circular economy research.

Our research

We seek to understand the influence and value of infrastructure to global economies, societies and the environment.  Our research spans the following topics:

Collaborations and impact

We have a strong systems-led interdisciplinary funding portfolio that reflects collaborations across a wide range of disciplines and currently have over £10m of RCUK, EU and industrial funding. Our research has impact on a national and international scale through collaborations with numerous partners in academia, industry, government, professional bodies and NGOs in the UK, Europe, and the Global South.

Our group are core members in The Institute for High Speed Rail and System Integration, and Energy Leeds.

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