Dr Mohsen Besharat

Dr Mohsen Besharat


I hold the position of Lecturer in Hydraulics and Water Systems at the School of Civil Engineering. With a diverse background, I have engaged in various responsibilities and gained valuable experiences in industrial design tasks, research projects, administration duties, and teaching. Throughout my career, I have made contributions to several European research projects, notably including the HYLOW European project in 2013 and the REDAWN European project in 2016. I am an active member of the Task Committee at the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), where I am currently involved in authoring a monograph focused on practical issues in urban water infrastructure arising from two-phase transient situations. For more detailed information, please refer to the provided link here.


  • Programme Leader (Civil Engineering)
  • Curriculum Redefined Lecturer
  • Sustainable Curriculum Working Group

Research interests

I am passionate about researching Transient Flows, with a particular focus on Transient Two-Phase Flows, and delving into the intricacies of Smart Water Networks. The use of numerical models, such as Elastic, Rigid, and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), fascinates me as it allows me to simulate and understand the complex interactions between gas and liquid, and explore the effects of transient phenomena. I am also intrigued by the realm of protective devices for pipelines, like air valves and air vessels, and their role in ensuring smooth flow and protecting systems.

Beyond this, I am driven to leverage the power of Machine Learning and Data Science in engineering applications, envisioning a future of enhanced efficiency and precision.

Sustainability is at the core of my research pursuits. I am dedicated to advancing water infrastructure by improving efficiency, discovering novel energy solutions, and exploring micro energy storage inspired by compressed air energy storage (CAES) concepts.

Furthermore, I am passionate about making a lasting impact on education. Through pedagogic research, I aim to uncover and share valuable practices that enhance students' learning experiences, revolutionizing skill acquisition for future generations.

Below is a list of my research interests: 

- Transient Flows including Two-Phase Flows and protective masures
- Smart Water Networks
- Application of numerical models including 1D and CFD
- Application of Machine Learning and Data Science in water systems
- Advancing sustainability in water infrastructure through efficiency improvements and innovative energy solutions
- Developing small compressed air energy storage (CAES) systems

<h4>Research projects</h4> <p>Any research projects I'm currently working on will be listed below. Our list of all <a href="https://eps.leeds.ac.uk/dir/research-projects">research projects</a> allows you to view and search the full list of projects in the faculty.</p>


  • PhD in Civil Engineering on Pressure Surge Control in Two-Phase Flows
  • MSc in Civil Engineering on Hydraulic Structures
  • BSc in Civil Engineering

Professional memberships

  • Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE)
  • American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)
  • International Association for Hydro-Environment Engineering and Research (IAHR)

Student education

I am module leader in following MSc modules:

- Water Supply: Module and Programme Catalogue (leeds.ac.uk)

- Advanced Wastewater Management: Module and Programme Catalogue (leeds.ac.uk)

Research groups and institutes

  • Water, Public Health and Environmental Engineering
  • Sustainable and resilient infrastructure
  • Cities, Infrastructure and Energy
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