Student Chimdirim Huldah Ani

Chimdirim Huldah Ani

Why did you decide to study at the University of Leeds?

The University of Leeds is such a school of prestige and honour and I wanted to be part of that. It is also one of the best schools that teach both the practicality and theory of Automotive Engineering and that was one thing I needed.

Why did you choose this particular course?

I have always been a sucker for cars in general but mainly Formula 1 cars because the thrill, joy and adrenaline people feel from driving them makes me happy and I want to be a part of that. To see the thrill on people’s faces, that’s the joy I get from automotive.

What have been the best aspects of studying your course, and why?

I think the best aspect are the modules and having to be a part of Formula Student, I understand and enjoy them. Everyone I tell that to thinks I am a weirdo, but they are great fun for me, especially second year modules, they seem more targeted to vehicles and I enjoy that, it makes things more visual and practical and that’s one huge way in which I learn.

Tell us about some of the exciting projects you have completed on your course?

The first-year buggy and Formula Student. Formula Student might be the greatest thing to be created because it helps teach people like me a lot more about the field they aspire to be in.

Could you tell us a little about being a part of Leeds Gryphon Racing, the University’s Formula Student team?

As someone who wants to work in the Formula 1 industry, being a part of this team means I am not only improving my soft skills like team work, but I am also improving my knowledge on cars as well as how they work. I am not only learning about the car itself, I am also learning about the business part of the company. There are also great people in the team, and I have made amazing friends and its great because as a team we want to see each other evolve so we push each other. It has also helped me in my studies because when someone says something vehicle related, its peaked my interest and I pay more attention and I can visualise what they are speaking about.

What does Leeds as a city have to offer students?

Leeds is a student city and it is great fun. You can have great night outs with your friends, dinners at nice restaurants, shopping and window shopping, you can go hiking, there are indoor rock-climbing facilities, you can play laser tag, go and watch movies.

What are your ambitions for the future?

I intend to work in Formula 1, my dream team is the Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 team, they are so solid, and they are dreamers, they are an amazing team in general and their cars are to die for especially the W10, she’s my favourite.

What experiences at Leeds do you think will help you in your future career?

Working with Leeds Gryphon Racing, the Formula Student team at the University of Leeds. I have worked with people who are stellar at what they do, and they have taught me so much. I am learning new things everyday being on the team.

What would you say to students coming to do the same course?

Do not let anyone tell you or make you feel like you’re not smart enough or good enough especially if you are female, work hard and you will make it. Also do not beat yourself up or stress yourself out over things because that will only make you drown deeper in those things that stress you and will make you lose focus, keep your eye on the ball, pray and work to make things better, remember to not dwell on the past and do not be afraid to be you. The course is not hard, its just a more in-depth view into what you did in secondary school, like I said, take your time, find your reading style so it makes it easier for you to read.