Shahriar Kosarieh

Shahriar Kosarieh

Why I choose to study my PhD at Leeds

Tribology captivated my interest during my MSc at Leeds, and so I decided to pursue graduate studies in Tribology to contribute considerably to the growth of my knowledge in this field which has got a great application in many different industries.

About my research

It is recognized that with the emergence of surface engineering solutions in tribological contacts there is a need to fully understand lubricant/surface interactions between current and future additives and new materials technology for applications in engine components. Application of Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) in engine components is one of the cutting edge solutions. This research aims to address some of the major current issues of lubricant/DLC compatibility including friction, wear and coating durability.

My favourite part of studying at Leeds

One of the main advantages to studying at Leeds has been the access to new and up-to-date experimental instruments which makes it much easier. That’s why our research group under supervision of Professor Anne Neville is one of the world-leaders in Tribology.

Activities outside of my studies

The University of Leeds has got a really well-equipped gym which motivates many students to start working out. I myself am one of the fans of the gym and I exercise to help me relax.

My ambitions for the future

I definitely am interested in continuing my research as a research fellow in the School of Mechanical Engineering, in Leeds.

My advice to prospective students

I would definitely recommend Leeds to any other students who intend topursue graduate studies, especially in Tribology. Trust me, Leeds is the right place to do tribology!

Life as an international student in Leeds

I started my studies in 2008 as a MSc student and then moved onto my PhD; obviously, studying in a foreign country is pretty tough in the beginning but I found Leeds University staff very friendly and it wasn’t long before I felt at home in the UK.