Research projects

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Current projects

Title Funder Start date End date
Efficient ground energy systems in diaphragm walls in challenging con Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) 1 August 2023 28 February 2027
Smart assessment, management and optimisation of urban geothermal resources (SmartRes) 1 December 2022 30 November 2025
Benchmarking to reduce budget uncertainty & actual cost, and increase learning from Oil & Gas NDA/NNL 1 February 2021 1 August 2024
Prefabs sprouting: Modern Methods of Construction and the English housing crisis Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) 1 February 2022 31 July 2024

Past projects

Title Funder Start date End date
Future Urban Ventilation Network – The Breathing City UKRI 1 September 2020 31 August 2023
Multi-scale engineering of alkali-activated concretes for sustainable infrastructure EPSRC 29 June 2018 28 June 2023
CONtact TrAcing in Care homes using digital Technology (CONTACT) National Institute for Health Research 1 October 2020 31 January 2023
Novel Approach for Vital Infrastructure Post Disaster (NOVA VIDA) British Academy 18 November 2019 30 June 2022
Healthcare Environment Control, Optimisation and Infection Risk Assessment (HECOIRA) Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) 1 September 2017 31 May 2022
Preserving the Disappearing Cultural Heritage of Post-War Mosul, Iraq: Valuing Diversity in the Urban Recovery of Mosul’s Old Districts British Academy 1 November 2019 30 May 2022
LABYRINTH: Conservation, Analysis and Virtual Reconstruction of the Archaeological Site of Hawara Pyramid and Labyrinth 1 November 2018 31 March 2022
Our past, our future, all together in Fanyan 1 February 2019 31 March 2022
TRACK: Transport Risk Assessment for COVID Knowledge Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) 29 September 2020 28 March 2022
WUN-BRIC - WUN to Building Resilience In Construction Worldwide Universities Network 1 January 2021 30 January 2022
The Living Museum of Umm Qais: Sustainable preservation, analysis and virtual reconstruction of Gadara's ancient site and village 1 February 2019 30 January 2022
The social, economic, technical and environmental values of North Sea oil & gas decommissioning for local communities and companies ESRC 22 July 2019 31 July 2021
Balancing the impact of City Infrastructure Engineering on Natural systems using Robots EPSRC 1 January 2016 31 July 2021
Excising Infection in the Surgical Environment [ExISE] Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) 1 October 2017 1 April 2020
Influence of ventilation design on the prevalence of anti-microbial bacteria in homes Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) 1 October 2017 1 October 2019
Complex Value Optimisation for Resource Recovery from Waste (C-VORR) EPSRC 1 August 2014 30 September 2019
Targeting airborne bacterial infection: Studies on patient- and laboratory-generated mycobacterium tuberculosis aerosols Medical Research Council (MRC) 1 September 2017 31 August 2019
Revolt in the 'Square': Spatial Modelling of Urban Stability in Modern Cities New insights and approaches for preventing conflict and violence AHRC 1 November 2016 30 August 2018
Yorkshire Circular Economy Living Lab 1 December 2020 31 March 2021
Spatial Narratives of Revolt: Public Performance During Anti-Nuclear Protests in Tokyo Japan Foundation London 2015 2016
Low Carbon Footprint Precast Concrete Products for an Energy Efficient Built Environment EPSRC 2015 2016
A Sustainable Circular Economy for Offshore Wind. EPSRC 1 August 2020 31 March 2021
(Re)Contextualizing Contested Heritage: Building Capacity & Designing Participatory Approaches to Preserve Cultural Heritage by the Youth Research England Fund 1 November 2019 31 December 2020