Industrial Advisory Committee

The Industrial Advisory Committee comprises academics, visiting professors and senior industry representatives. The Committee meets annually to discuss and review the progress towards agreed objectives.

Committee members offer a critical review of the School’s performance and provide strategic advice on both external and internal future trends and influences. The Committee also contributes to the School’s student education review with the aim of improving the student experience and ensuring that our graduates’ technical and employability skills are well matched to industry’s needs.

Committee members act as ambassadors for the School and help to raise the profile and reputation with both national and international bodies. Additionally, the Committee ensures that the School operates in accordance with the Institution of Engineering and Technology’s guidelines and that all programme learning outcomes meet the requirements of the UK Standard for Professional Engineering Competence (UK-SPEC).


Industry members

Paul Booth - Astrium

Chris Buck - Filtronic Broadband Limited

Helen Duncan - MWE Media Ltd

Colin Faulkner - RF Connectivity Solutions

Richard Fawley - Teledyne Defence

Carl Pickering – Jaguar Land Rover

Martin Gostling - Radio Systems Design

Ian Oliver – Imagination Technologies 

David McGorman - Instrumentel Ltd

Graham Newton - Keysight Technologies

Matt Perkins - Surrey Satellite Technology Limited

Mike Short - O2

Mike Turner - Nidec SR Drives Ltd

David Williams - Hitachi Cambridge

School members

Professor Ian Hunter - Chair

Professor Robert Kelsall - Head of School

Mr Roland Clarke – Director of Student Education​​