Research facilities

Cleanroom with person

Our academics and postgraduate researchers have access to a wide range of specialist facilities and laboratories. Undergraduate and Masters students may benefit from these facilities during their project work.

  • Nanotechnology cleanroom: Comprises of a suite of laboratories including 200 m2 ISO 5 (Class 100) cleanroom supported by > 100 m2 of ancillary laboratory space for testing, packaging and post-processing, alongside a 30 m2 ISO4 (Class 10) cleanroom dedicated to our Jeol JBX-6300FS electron-beam lithography (EBL) system.
  • Electron beam lithography: Our JEOL JBX-6300FS is a state-of-the-art vector scan electron beam lithography system capable of patterning lines less than 10nm wide.
  • Molecular beam epitaxy facility: Our in-house Oxford Instruments V80H III–V MBE machine gives us the ability to grow layered compound semiconductor structures.

We also make use of University facilities, including:

  • EPSRC National Facility for Innovative Robotic Systems: A national resource for the fabrication of complex systems which can be used for academic and industrial collaborations.
  • Royce facilities: The Sir Henry Royce Institute for Advanced Materials is funding two new state-of-the-art facilities, which provide unique capability for the UK: a multifunctional materials growth facility, and a versatile X-ray spectroscopy facility for materials characterisation in controlled environments.
  • Nanoscience and nanotechnology facility: This facility is for the characterisation analysis of soft matter systems such as hybrid organic/inorganic system.

Working with business

We are committed to sharing our facilities and associated expertise with external academic and industrial collaborators. Contact our Research and Innovation team for more information.