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Azza Elsiddig A. Eltraify

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Azza Eltraify is optimising power efficiency in Data Centre Networks in her research at the University of Leeds.

Azza applied for a PhD at Leeds as it is one of the top schools in Electronic and Electrical Engineering in the UK.

Tackling real-world challenges

Azza is part of the Institute of Communication and Power Networks research group. She talked about her inspiration to pursue her own research.

“I wanted to put my skills to a challenge and to work on research that will contribute to my community and deals with a problem that the whole world is suffering from nowadays,” Azza said.

Developing low-cost networks

Her research focuses on optimising and developing new efficient architectures for data centres and core networks. These architectures are based on Passive Optical Networks architectures which are scalable, reliable and low in cost. Azza said:

“The main aim of my research is to optimise the power consumption within these architectures which will then decrease the levels of CO2 emissions. 

“I believe my research can have a positive effect on the levels of CO2 emissions which can impact our climate issues. I want to be able to make a difference in our environment.”

I believe my research can have a positive effect on the levels of CO2 emissions which can impact our climate issues.

Supportive research community

The main reason Azza decided to study in Leeds was her supervisor, Professor Jaafar Elmirghani, and the research undertaken by him.

She said: “To have his support throughout my PhD journey while being considerate of my wellbeing and personal life, made me more productive and made my academic life easier.”

“Additionally, having such a big research group gives you the ability to have more collaborations with your peers and open your eyes to new aspects of your research.”

Career plans

Azza hopes to pursue a future career in research within academia following her PhD. 

“I am hoping to continue to work on the research field within the University,” she said.

I truly believe in the potential of our research group and its positive impact on our world.

She added: “We need more researchers in different disciplines to start working on projects and research that can help make a change towards a better environment for our children’s future.”

Leeds – a diverse community

Azza said Leeds is one of the most diverse communities she has ever been exposed to.

“The community is very supportive and inclusive, with so many researchers coming from different backgrounds but somehow we all feel we belong there together.”

She added:

“Getting to know people from different cultures, backgrounds and believes, has broadened my view of the world and definitely made me grow and evolve as a person.”