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Sahil Rupani

Sahil Rupani is currently in the second year of his Chemical Engineering MEng, BEng degree.

Growing up, Sahil became fascinated with large factories and was curious to learn more. After completing high school, Sahil knew he wanted to develop his knowledge in manufacturing, process engineering and sustainable energy transition. Reflecting on his choice, Sahil said: “To fulfil this desire, I decided to study Chemical Engineering.”

Sahil rupani headshot

“The University of Leeds offered one of the finest courses and facilities for Chemical Engineering in the United Kingdom. The tailored module structure, specialised faculty and fine reputation were a major drawing factor in choosing University of Leeds.”

Developing chemical engineering skills

Throughout his degree, Sahil has enjoyed group projects. He said: “To prepare us to work in the industry, which involves working in different teams with various people, the course involves numerous group projects.”

He added: “This exposure to work with different groups of people has enhanced many soft skills within me including communication skills, team-work, planning and delegating work. As well as developed a sense of camaraderie with fellow team members.”

In the first year of his studies, Sahil had the opportunity to complete a Group Design Project. He said: “We designed a PET Recycling Unit, a process that recycles discarded plastic water bottles. From the Process Flow Diagram (PFD) to the Life Cycle Assessment, I enjoyed the entire process.”

Additionally, Sahil studied a discovery module in nanotechnology. He explained: “As part of an individual report we had the opportunity to create a business idea involving concepts in nanotechnology. This allowed us to couple our creative and entrepreneurial instincts with our interest in material science and nanotech.”

As he continues into his second year, the design projects are becoming more complex. Currently, Sahil is “working on a group design project in which we are designing a process flowsheet for the production of synthetic natural gas (SNG). Technical skills taught in Aspen HYSYS and Excel have equipped us to apply our knowledge practically.”

We designed a PET Recycling Unit, a process that recycles discarded plastic water bottles. From the Process Flow Diagram (PFD) to the Life Cycle Assessment, I enjoyed the entire process.

Sahil Rupani

Specialist facilities and expert teaching

Sahil has developed a good relationship with his lecturers, he said: “The in-person teaching and resources online are of a great standard. The lecture notes as well as tutorials provide a good foundation of the concepts in chemical engineering in my opinion.”

Alongside specialist laboratory facilities, Sahil has access to industry-standard software. He said: “The IT cluster in our building runs 24/7 and is remarkable. It’s especially useful for working on assignments and accessing software to practise our technical skills and revise for examinations.”

Joining student societies

Sahil is part of the Chemical Engineering Society, Casual Kickabout Society, Leeds Entrepreneurs Society and Leeds Engineers without Borders.

Sahil said: “As an active member of the Chemical Engineering Society in the first year and now as an elected committee member in second year, it has been a really enjoyable experience. Organising events including workshops, meetups and sporting events was quite exciting.”

He continued: “To de-stress and draw my mind away from academia during the busy term time, the games organised by the Casual Kickabout Society at the Edge gave me chance to play football during the week. I really enjoy my time on the pitch since it enables me to unwind and shift my focus from studies.”

Sahil with the football team.

“Attending talks and seminars hosted by the Entrepreneurs Society is something I have really enjoyed, the guest speakers often included experienced entrepreneurs and business experts, hearing their success stories was quite inspiring. I especially enjoyed Marcus Orlovsky’s keynote presentation and his inspirational success story.”

Enhancing his employability skills

Sahil has secured a job alongside his degree to develop his employability skills. He said: “Currently I am working as a Peer Support Assistant (PSA) for the University’s Career Centre at Cromer Terrace. It’s been an incredible experience advising fellow students on their respective career paths, on relevant opportunities and resources.”

Sahil Rupani working as a peer support assistant

“As well as signposting students to relevant career consultants and promoting multiple career fairs held on campus. This experience has allowed me to grow as an individual and add value to fellow students’ lives. It has enabled me to step out of my comfort zone and enhance vital soft skills.”

Sahil is planning to do a Year in Industry next year and has accepted a placement offer for a manufacturing role at Bakkavor, the market leaders in fresh food production in the UK.

Future career plans

After graduating, Sahil wants to work as an Engineer, he said: “My future career plans as a Chemical and Process Engineer include creating a significant impact on the intersecting realms of energy, sustainability and the consumer goods sectors.”

“The University’s Careers website, MyCareer acts as an efficient tool in navigating opportunities suited to my interests and ambitions. Resources provided to help build my CV, Cover Letters and preparing for mock interviews have proved to be extremely valuable.”

"The University of Leeds provided me an opportunity to prove myself, for which I will always be grateful to the institution. The experiences and journey I've had at Leeds have facilitated my growth and personal development, allowing me to evolve into a more refined version of myself, much like the transformative journey experienced by many students who pursue their studies here." 

The University’s Careers website, MyCareer acts as an efficient tool in navigating opportunities suited to my interests and ambitions.

Sahil Rupani

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