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Innovative manufacturing products

Innovative Manufacturing Products

Innovative manufacturing involves developing a fundamental understanding of manufacturing processes via multiscale mathematical/computational simulations, through experimental studies of the intermediate stages of products in their corresponding manufacturing units to implementation of on-line process monitoring with feedback control.

These methods develop new or improved manufacturing methods, resulting in better control of product functionality, improved control of consistency/quality, improved energy efficiency, waste reduction and also predicting optimum manufacturing routes for new products.

Creation of innovative products involves the fundamental understanding of the additive or antagonistic interactions between different formulated product ingredients through experimental multiscale interrogation of these interactions, computational simulation of the interactions and a study of a product’s compositional/structural relationship.

This leads to the development of new products or products with additional functionality resulting in improved characteristics that better enable their main functionality, more efficient use of active ingredients (lower costs, lower doses and better targeted action) and personalised products which combine several different functionalities into a single space – providing added value for consumers.

Research groups involved in this theme include:

Innovative manufacturing and products underpins our Centre for Doctoral Training in Complex Particulate Products and Processes.