Maryam Al Noobi

Maryam Al Noobi is a Chemical and Energy Engineering BEng, MEng student at the University of Leeds. She was interested in chemical engineering because it is vital for developing everyday products such as antibiotics, fuels, food and water treatment. Maryam chose to study at Leeds because it has a good reputation and ranks amongst the top universities in the UK. 

Leeds is a very student-friendly city. It is also diverse in nationalities, which makes it easier for international students like myself to blend in.

Maryam Al Noobi

Maryam enjoys the practical elements of the course, including group research and lab-based experiments. Last year, her group research project focused on the basic principles of Ethylene Glycol’s process engineering design. She researched its uses and applications, ethical issues associated with the plant and process operating conditions. As a team, they discussed the challenges related to materials of construction.

Committed to gender equality

Being a woman in STEM, which is commonly known as a male-dominated field, is powerful. It gives me a sense of accomplishment and pride.

Maryam Al Noobi

“In the future, I seek to empower young women to pursue STEM careers to demonstrate to society that women are just as qualified as men.”

Sustainability in engineering

Maryam took part in a sustainable development goals course, delivered by industry leaders TotalEnergies. The module included training on clean energy, developing sustainable communities, and taking urgent action to combat climate change. They discussed solutions to minimize the effects of greenhouse gases.

Advice to students

Remember that hard work always pays off and it’s important to find a balance between your social and academic life. Social life is a big part of every university experience, so make sure you embrace it.

Future career goals

Maryam aims to keep learning and apply her skills and knowledge to find efficient solutions. She is also interested in working in the renewable energy sector to contribute to preserving the planet’s natural resources.

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