Research projects

Project title
3DMBC (3D Modular Building Connections)
3D Tribo-Nanprinting: Nanoscale Additive Manufacturing of Functional Materials Using Tribofilms
Accelerating surgical training
Assuring the quality of design descriptions through the use of design configuration spaces
BIANDA: Bayesian Deep Atlases for Cardiac Motion Abnormality Assessment from Imaging and Metadata
CoDIR – Colonic disease investigation by robotic hydro-colonoscopy
Collective behaviour of cognitive agents
Corrosion and stress corrosion cracking in high alloy materials
Diabetic Ulceration: Tribology of the Plantar Aspect
Early Detection Innovation Sandpit Award: Research Proposal Outline
Engineering tools for analysis of impingement in the human hip joint.
ENVIRO-COAT: ENVIROnmentally assisted, engineered Corrosion prOducts for Aqueous corrosion miTigation
Exploiting Engineered Polyproteins in the Modular Design of Robust, Tuneable and Biofunctional Hydrogels
Friction: The Tribology Enigma EPSRC Programme Grant
Galvanostatic tissue sensing for cancer detection
High-throughput discovery of bioactive small molecules
IMPRESS - Compliant meshes for pelvic organ prolapse
IMPRESS - Fecal continence system
In-situ engine oil quality improvement
INSILC: In-silico trials for drug-eluting bioresorbable vascular scaffold design, development and evaluation
Intelligent corrosion management underpinned by advanced engineering science
Investigating the role of CO2 corrosion products in localised corrosion
LABYRINTH: Conservation, Analysis and Virtual Reconstruction of the Archaeological Site of Hawara Pyramid and Labyrinth
Maternal Health - Vacuum assisted delivery simulation
Multiphase Corrosion in Geothermal Environments
Novel anti-wear systems for boundary lubricated contacts
Our past, our future, all together in Fanyan
Preserving the Disappearing Cultural Heritage of Post-War Mosul, Iraq: Valuing Diversity in the Urban Recovery of Mosul’s Old Districts
Revolt in the 'Square': Spatial Modelling of Urban Stability in Modern Cities New insights and approaches for preventing conflict and violence
Sensing tissue trauma in surgery
Soft robotic cardiac assistance
Soft robotic fabrication
Soft tactile sensors
The intra-abdominal platform for surgical support
The Living Museum of Umm Qais: Sustainable preservation, analysis and virtual reconstruction of Gadara's ancient site and village
The role of hydrogen in the degradation of stainless steels
Tribochemical film phenomenon in total hip replacement
Tribology of novel friction pairs for environmentally friendly automotive brakes
Understanding the mechanism(s) by which inorganic additives reduce friction