Research projects

Project title
(Re)Contextualizing Contested Heritage: Building Capacity & Designing Participatory Approaches to Preserve Cultural Heritage by the Youth
3DMBC (3D Modular Building Connections)
3D Tribo-Nanprinting: Nanoscale Additive Manufacturing of Functional Materials Using Tribofilms
Academic Centre of Expertise for Sludge (Particulates and Fluids)
Accelerated Development of Pharmaceutical Processes Through Digitally Coupled Reaction Screening and Process Optimisation
Accelerating surgical training
Acoustic control of quantum cascade heterostructures: the THz "S-LASER"
Advanced Crystal Shape Descriptors for Precision Particulate Design, Characterisation and Processing (Shape4PPD)
A fresh look at visual sampling: How are fixational eye-movements optimised? [physFEM]
A New Order of Liquids: Polar and Orientationally Modulated Soft Materials
A Programme of Astrophysical Research at Leeds
Assuring the quality of design descriptions through the use of design configuration spaces
A Sustainable Circular Economy for Offshore Wind.
Autonomous Development of Telescoped Catalytic Reactions
Balancing the impact of City Infrastructure Engineering on Natural systems using Robots
Benchmarking to reduce budget uncertainty & actual cost, and increase learning from Oil & Gas
BIANDA: Bayesian Deep Atlases for Cardiac Motion Abnormality Assessment from Imaging and Metadata
Big Data Analytics: A New Revolution in UK Facilities Management
CAMIE (Combining Advanced Materials for Interface Engineering)
Categorifying Turbulence in Borel Reducibility
Ceramic Hybrid Additive Manufacturing Platform (CHAMP)
Circular Economy Centre for Mineral-based Construction Materials
Closing the Loop via Molecular Polymer Rheology
CMMI-EPSRC RENACEM: Response to CO2 exposure of concrete with natural supplementary cementitious materials
Coal-to-liquids supply chain integration in view of operational, economic and environmental risk assessments under unfavourable geological settings
CoDIR – Colonic disease investigation by robotic hydro-colonoscopy
Coherent States for Molecular Simulations. A Universal Approach to Solving Real World Problems
Collective behaviour of cognitive agents
Combinatorial Representation Theory: Algebra and its interfaces with geometry, topology and combinatorics
Complex Value Optimisation for Resource Recovery from Waste (C-VORR)
CONtact TrAcing in Care homes using digital Technology (CONTACT)
Corrosion and stress corrosion cracking in high alloy materials
Corrosion mechanism of austenitic stainless steels and Ni-based alloys in molten salts under thermal cycling condition for CSP plants
Creative Economies Through Youth- led Arts and Craft in Jordan (CEARC)
Creatively creating the materials of the future
Crystallisation in the Real World: Delivering Control through Theory and Experiment
DARA - Development in Africa with Radio Astronomy Phase 3
Deep Learning with Simulated Data
Developing Devices that use Biotemplated Nanoparticles for Sustainable Energy Generation
Developing the process and mix design for a carbon-neutral block using mineralized industrial waste
Development of a new generation cement free and self-sensing Textile-Reinforced Smart Mortar (TRSM) composite for masonry repair and strengthening
Diabetic Ulceration: Tribology of the Plantar Aspect
DIADEM-ART: DomaIn-Aware DEep learning Models for motion-Adaptive RadioTherapy
Digitalising the Development of Chemoenzymatic Cascades
Digitally-assisted Collective Governance of Smart City Commons-ARTIO
DYNAMIN: Dynamic Control of Mineralisation
Early Detection Innovation Sandpit Award: Research Proposal Outline
Eco-Evolutionary Dynamics of Fluctuating Populations
EDGENESS: Energy Efficiency, Edge and Serverless Computing
Efficient ground energy systems in diaphragm walls in challenging con
Engineered UK clays for production of low-carbon cements
Engineering tools for analysis of impingement in the human hip joint.
ENVIRO-COAT: ENVIROnmentally assisted, engineered Corrosion prOducts for Aqueous corrosion miTigation
EoLO-Hubs - Wind turbine blades End of Life through Open HUBs for circular materials in sustainable business models
Establishing lung ultrasound as a key tool in the stratification and monitoring of COVID-19 patients
Evaluating the safety and patient impact of an Artificial Intelligence Command Centre in the UK National Health Service
Excising Infection in the Surgical Environment [ExISE]
Exploiting Engineered Polyproteins in the Modular Design of Robust, Tuneable and Biofunctional Hydrogels
Exploiting the resilience of masonry arch bridge infrastructure: a 3D multi-level modelling framework
Exploring novel binding pockets in DNA gyrase and DNA topoisomerase IV to address antibiotic resistance
Flow-Xl: A New UK Facility for Analysis of Crystallisation in Flow Systems
Friction: The Tribology Enigma EPSRC Programme Grant
Future Urban Ventilation Network – The Breathing City
Galvanostatic tissue sensing for cancer detection
Geothermal Corrosion Inhibitor Development
Healthcare Environment Control, Optimisation and Infection Risk Assessment (HECOIRA)
High-throughput discovery of bioactive small molecules
Hybrid pixel detector upgrade for electron energy loss spectrometer
IMPRESS - Compliant meshes for pelvic organ prolapse
IMPRESS - Fecal continence system
In-situ engine oil quality improvement
Industrial Decarbonisation
Influence of ventilation design on the prevalence of anti-microbial bacteria in homes
INSILC: In-silico trials for drug-eluting bioresorbable vascular scaffold design, development and evaluation
Integrated biological approaches for high-grade biomethane vehicle fuel production from food waste
Integrating Intercultural Cities through Belonging in Green Spaces
Intelligent corrosion management underpinned by advanced engineering science
Inverse Mathematical Modelling in Epidemiology
Investigating the role of CO2 corrosion products in localised corrosion
LABYRINTH: Conservation, Analysis and Virtual Reconstruction of the Archaeological Site of Hawara Pyramid and Labyrinth
Leeds-Africa Hub for Data Science & Artificial Intelligence
Low Carbon Footprint Precast Concrete Products for an Energy Efficient Built Environment
Maternal Health - Vacuum assisted delivery simulation
Model theory, Diophantine geometry and combinatorics
Model theory of analytic functions
Monoidal bicategories, linear logic and operads
Multi-scale engineering of alkali-activated concretes for sustainable infrastructure
MULTIForm facility
Multiphase Corrosion in Geothermal Environments
Multiscale mixed lubrication and wear of laser textured surfaces: A framework for in-silico trials of orthopaedic hip replacements
New strategies for controlling crystallisation
Next-generation Radiocarbon Calibration: Incorporating information on calibration curve covariance
Next Generation of Algorithms for Mixed Integer Linear Programming (MILP)
Novel anti-wear systems for boundary lubricated contacts
Novel Approach for Vital Infrastructure Post Disaster (NOVA VIDA)
Obtaining robust "dates-as-data" inference from the calibration of multiple radiocarbon determinations
Oncological Engineering
Our past, our future, all together in Fanyan
Passive layER FailuRe Mechanisms (PERFoRM)
Person-centred information needs towards building resilient health systems for health security: A decolonising situational perspective
Personalised Quantitative Upper Extremity Assessment for Stroke Rehabilitation
Perturbation of Protein-Protein Interactions (PoPPI)
Powering HGVs on England’s Future Electric Roads – Safety and Maintenance Assessment of Electrical Power Supply Systems
Prefabs sprouting: Modern Methods of Construction and the English housing crisis
Premixed Combustion Flame Instability Characteristics in Constant Volume Vessels
Preserving the Disappearing Cultural Heritage of Post-War Mosul, Iraq: Valuing Diversity in the Urban Recovery of Mosul’s Old Districts
Process Intensification of Nuclear Effluent Treatments
REST: Reconfigurable lower limb Exoskeleton for effective Stroke Treatment in residential settings
Revolt in the 'Square': Spatial Modelling of Urban Stability in Modern Cities New insights and approaches for preventing conflict and violence
Robust Identification of Changepoints in Population Size via Radiocarbon Dating
SaFEGround - Sustainable, Flexible and Efficient Ground-source heating and cooling systems
Sensing tissue trauma in surgery
Smart assessment, management and optimisation of urban geothermal resources (SmartRes)
Smart Restoration with Particle Infused Repointing
Soft robotic cardiac assistance
Soft robotic fabrication
Soft tactile sensors
Spatial Narratives of Revolt: Public Performance During Anti-Nuclear Protests in Tokyo
Structures and Probes of Intrinsically Disordered Regions (SPIDR)
Sulphide scale formation and inhibition in combined H2S & CO2 scale and corrosion environment
Syntax and semantics of 2-dimensional type theories
Tailored Production and Utilisation of Sustainable Low Cost Lignocellulosic Advanced Biofuel Blends as Diesel and Petrol Substitutes: SusLABB
Targeting airborne bacterial infection: Studies on patient- and laboratory-generated mycobacterium tuberculosis aerosols
TeLeMan - Teleoperative Legged Manipulator for Explosive Ordnance Disposal
The intra-abdominal platform for surgical support
The Living Museum of Umm Qais: Sustainable preservation, analysis and virtual reconstruction of Gadara's ancient site
The Living Museum of Umm Qais: Sustainable preservation, analysis and virtual reconstruction of Gadara's ancient site and village
The role of hydrogen in the degradation of stainless steels
The social, economic, technical and environmental values of North Sea oil & gas decommissioning for local communities and companies
TRACK: Transport Risk Assessment for COVID Knowledge
Transient Tomography for Defect Detection
Tribochemical film phenomenon in total hip replacement
Tribology of novel friction pairs for environmentally friendly automotive brakes
Understanding the mechanism(s) by which inorganic additives reduce friction
WUN-BRIC - WUN to Building Resilience In Construction
Yorkshire Circular Economy Living Lab