Clean combustion

Biomass combustion

burning woodchips

We research integrated approaches to biomass combustion for heat and power applications at all scales. This includes:

  • power generation (ash issues and mitigation; fuel handling);
  • challenging fuels (pretreatment, additives)
  • domestic heating (design and efficiency; emissions and air quality impacts)
  • combined heat and power (energy in cities; energy policy; local authorities; district heating).

Current and recent projects:

  • Supergen Bioenergy Hub (EPSRC), 
  • Development and Evaluation of Sustainable Technologies for Flexible Operation of Conventional Power Plants (EPSRC)
  • Opening New Fuels for UK Generation (EPSRC)
  • The role of chemical formatting structures in biomass on the formation of dioxins and furans in soot deposits from the combustion of biomass (EPSRC)