Student and alumni profiles

Find out what our current students think about our courses, where our alumni are now and how their experiences at Leeds have helped them in their career.

Name Course Nationality
Abimbola Oladokun Abimbola Oladokun Aeronautical and Aerospace Engineering BEng British
Adam Metcalf Adam Metcalf Mechanical Engineering BEng British
Adam Robinson Adam Robinson Product Design MDes British
Adam Wagenfield Adam Wagenfield Mechanical Engineering MEng British
Akshay Annadata Akshay Annadata Mechanical Engineering (Industrial) MEng Indian
Photo of Mechanical Engineering student, Alex Heeney Alex Heeney Mechanical Engineering MEng, BEng British
Ali Iqbal Ali Iqbal Mechanical Engineering BEng British
Aman Bir Singh Aman Bir Singh Automotive Engineering BEng Indian
Amirul Afif Bin Bokhairi, international mechanical engineering student from Malaysian Amirul Afif Bin Bokhairi Mechanical Engineering MEng, BEng Malaysian
Andrew Shovlin Andrew Shovlin Mechanical Engineering BEng
Ashwin Sandeep, Automotive Engineering student at the University of Leeds Ashwin Bharath Sandeep Automotive Engineering BEng Indian
Ayoayalemi Babatunde, an international student from Nigeria studying Mechanical Engineering Ayoayalemi Alexander Taiwo Babatunde Mechanical Engineering MEng, BEng Nigerian
Bethany Alford Bethany Alford Product Design (Industrial) MDes British
Brandon Phua Brandon Phua Mechanical Engineering MEng Singaporean
Image of Chimdirim Huldah Ani Chimdirim Huldah Ani Automotive Engineering MEng, BEng Nigerian
Constantin Neacsu Constantin Neacsu Aeronautical and Aerospace Engineering MEng Romanian
David Gould David Gould Mechanical Engineering (Industrial) MEng British
Dominic Welman Dominic Welman Aeronautical and Aerospace Engineering MEng British
Image of Mechanical Engineering student, Ella Bailey Ella Bailey Mechanical Engineering MEng, BEng British
Emily Burns Emily Burns Medical Engineering MEng British
Esme Loweth Esme Loweth Aeronautical and Aerospace Engineering MEng British
Freddie Howe Freddie Howe Product Design BDes
Gary Slavin Gary Slavin Aeronautical & Aerospace Engineering MEng
Hagar Niblett Hagar Niblett Mechanical Engineering (Industrial) MEng British
Hareklea Markides, MDes Product Design placement student at the University of Leeds Hareklea Markides Product Design MDes Cypriot
Illiana Bazli Binti Baharuddin - International Student Illiana Bazli Binti Baharuddin Mechanical Engineering MEng Malaysian
Isaac Caculo, an Angolan 
international student studying MEng Mechanical Engineering Isaac Caculo Mechanical Engineering MEng Angolan
Jack Hooper Jack Hooper Mechanical Engineering MEng British
Jacob Eldred Jacob Eldred Aeronautical and Aerospace Engineering MEng British
James Higson James Higson Product Design MDes British
Jane Eccles Jane Eccles Medical Engineering MEng British
Joe Thorogood Joe Thorogood Mechanical Engineering MEng
Joshua Barrett Joshua Barrett Aeronautical and Aerospace Engineering MEng British
Kalid Subhi, BEng Mechanical Engineering (Industrial) alumni Kalid Subhi BEng Mechanical Engineering (Industrial) British
Kevin Gnanaraj, Mechanical Engineering Summer Internship Scheme student Kevin Gnanaraj Mechanical Engineering MEng, BEng Indian
Khaled Ellithy Khaled Ellithy Aerospace and Aeronautical Engineering MEng, BEng British
Kieran Kirby Kieran Kirby Mechanical Engineering (Industrial) MEng, BEng
Kiran Beersing-Vasquez Kiran Beersing-Vasquez Mechanical Engineering (Industrial) MEng Belgian
Lorenzo Spreafico Lorenzo Spreafico Product Design (Industrial) MDes, BSc Italian
Louise Heeney Louise Heeney Mechatronics and Robotics (Industrial) MEng, BEng British
Luke Dutton Luke Dutton Automotive Engineering MEng British
Mazvydas Mark Narvidas Mazvydas Mark Narvidas Mechatronics and Robotics (Industrial) MEng Lithuanian
Menelaos kanakis Menelaos Kanakis Mechanical Engineering MEng Cypriot
Michael Peplow Michael Peplow Mechanical Engineering MEng British
Mike Scott Mike Scott Mechanical Engineering (Industrial) MEng British
Molly Cherry, BEng Aeronautical and Aerospace Engineering alumni Molly Cherry MEng, BEng Aeronautical and Aerospace Engineering British
Nifemi Marcus-Bello, MDes, BDes Product Design student at the University of Leeds Nifemi Marcus-Bello Product Design MDes, BDes Nigerian
Student and alumni profiles | School of Mechanical Engineering | University of Leeds Paige Buckley Medical Engineering (Industrial) MEng British
Peter Culmer Peter Culmer Mechatronics MEng British
Rachel Turnbull, Mechanical Engineering Rachel Turnbull Mechanical Engineering (Industrial) MEng, BEng British
Ruth Coe Ruth Coe Medical Engineering MEng British
Saad Ali Saad Ali Mechanical Engineering (Industrial) MEng British
Sameer Qureshi Sameer Qureshi Automotive Engineering (Industrial) MEng British
Sarah Griffiths Sarah Griffiths Mechanical Engineering MEng British
Sarah Mohd Mokhdhari Sarah Mohd Mokhdhari Aeronautical and Aerospace Engineering MEng Malaysian
Scott Falkiner Aeronautical and Aerospace Engineering MEng
Sean Perry Sean Perry Automotive Engineering MEng British
Shehran Azim Shehran Azim Mechanical Engineering BEng British
Sian Owen Sian Owen Automotive Engineering MEng British
Simon Wagstaff, industrial placement at Disney Interactive Simon Wagstaff Product Design (Industrial) MDes British
Mechanical Engineering internship student Sophie Hutchinson Sophie Hutchinson Mechanical Engineering MEng, BEng British
Stephen Jeffreys Stephen Jeffreys Mechanical Engineering (Industrial) MEng British
Stephen Worsley Stephen Worsley Mechanical Engineering MEng
Susanna Lemon Susanna Lemon Product Design (Industrial) MDes British
Temitope Dawodu Temitope Dawodu Mechanical Engineering (Industrial) MEng British
Thomas Infanti, MEng, BEng Aeronautical and Aerospace Engineering graduate Thomas Infanti MEng, BEng Aeronautical and Aerospace Engineering British
Tom Bryon Tom Bryon Automotive Engineering (Industrial) MEng
Tom Hartas Tom Hartas Mechanical Engineering (Industrial) MEng
Valeria Filippou Valeria Filippou Medical Engineering MEng Cypriot
Yngve Kristoffersen a Norwegian international student studying MEng Automotive Engineering Yngve Edvardsen Kristoffersen Automotive Engineering MEng Norwegian
Youssef Ramadan, an Egyptian international student studying Mechanical Engineering Youssef Ramadan Mechanical Engineering MEng Egyptian