Student and alumni profiles

Find out what our current students think about our courses, where our alumni are now and how their experiences at Leeds have helped them in their career.

Name Course Nationality
A photograph of Benjamin Matheson, a Mechanical Engineering graduate from the University of Leeds. He is stood against a grey background with his arms folded wearing a University of Leeds rugby shirt. Benjamin Matheson Mechanical Engineering BEng British/Nigerian
A portrait of Dhanika Kapoor stood next a white stone building, she is wearing a red dress. Dhanika Kapoor Aeronautical and Aerospace Engineering BEng with Foundation Year British
Farida against a blue cloudy sky. Farida Hany AlWakeel Medical Engineering MEng, BEng Egyptian
A portrait of Freya Segar. Freya Segar Mechanical Engineering MEng, BEng British
A portrait photograph of Jake Thomas Hollyman on a moor. Jake Thomas Hollyman Mechanical Engineering (Industrial) MEng, BEng British
A portrait of Martha Hayward in her graduation robe and her degree certificate. She is stood on the steps to the Parkinson Building. Martha Hayward Medical Engineering MEng, BEng British
A portrait of Ruqaiya Al Balushi. Ruqaiya Al Balushi Product Design BSc Omani
A portrait of Sayed Qasim Fadhul. Sayed Qasim Fadhul Mechanical Engineering BEng Bahraini
Suzannah Dearden BSc Product Design British
A portrait of Theo Youds. Theo Youds Aeronautical and Aerospace Engineering MEng, BEng British
A portrait of Yusuf Mahmood against a white background. Yusuf Mahmood Mechanical Engineering BEng Bahraini