Healthcare Mechatronics

Our research

Vaccum casting in the surgical technologies lab

We conduct research in three areas of engineering science, bringing together work on sensing technology, soft systems and medical device design, applying this expertise to areas of healthcare. Find further details and examples of our past and present projects below.

Sensing technology

Our research is investigating the development of low-cost load-sensing technology including methods for computer-aided design, optimisation and calibration. We are applying these sensing technologies in a range of healthcare applications to help improve identification, assessment and management of conditions like diabetic foot ulcers and osteoarthritis.

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  • Soft Tactile Sensors
  • SLIPS In-shoe load sensing for assessment of diabetic foot ulcers
  • HAILO Instrumented hand-splints for osteoarthritis

Soft systems

We are investigating how to exploit advances in materials and structures to form new building blocks for soft robotics. Several geometries and mechanisms are being studied including foams, hierarchical laminates and microporous polymers. This research is developing and evaluating novel manufacturing techniques for the fabrication of soft structures with controlled meso-structures. In parallel, we are applying these Soft Systems to address healthcare challenges, including systems for Cardiac Assistance and biomedical research.

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Medical devices

We use our expertise in mechatronics, instrumentation and design to improve medical devices. We have a particular interest on systems for Global Surgery – enabling better surgical care for a wide population.

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