Julia Coggins

Julia Coggins

Julia has wanted to study physics for as long as she can remember. Personal circumstances meant that having started her degree at another university, she then switched courses and moved to Leeds. Julia chose theoretical physics after completing her first year as she did not feel as suited to experimental work.

The move has been a great success. 

“I really love all the teachers I have encountered at Leeds, and they are all variable in their teaching style. I also feel that the support from my personal tutor has been a huge advantage, as I know there’s always someone I can count on if I’m struggling academically or personally.”

A mix of theory and project work

Project work is an important element of a physics degree at Leeds – and can also be one of the most interesting and challenging aspects of the course as Julia found out. 

“I’m most excited about the project I’m working on now about topological quantum computation! I’m working as an undergraduate in a wider group of postgraduate students, so it really challenges me to perform at my best in order to keep up with their level of work.”

Positive and inspiring

Physics is a challenging subject which can be a stretch at times for some students however for those who have a real commitment and passion for studying it, completing a degree in physics is an extremely rewarding experience. Julia is very positive about her time at Leeds. 

“Leeds has really boosted my self-confidence in working in physics, which I think will be invaluable to my future career. The staff I have encountered will do their upmost to help students succeed; encouraging them every step of the way.”

Julia is currently working on applications for postgraduate study as she is keen to continue her learning and development. Having been inspired by her university project work, she is keen to pursue of her life-long goal of obtaining a postgraduate qualification in physics.

“As a city, Leeds is very lively. From theatre and opera to night clubs and restaurants, there’s certainly a lot going on to keep students and residents entertained.”