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We are involved in solving challenges of modern theoretical physics.

Our research covers topics, which range from black holes, quantum gravity and quantum field theory to quantum information processing, quantum optics, condensed matter and computational biophysics. For example, we contribute to the development of novel quantum technologies and the understanding of biological systems through computational experiments.

We have strong collaborations with many other groups and schools within the University of Leeds, the UK and worldwide. 

Our research into novel materials and quantum many-body physics has applications in condensed matter physics, including the practical realisation of quantum computing and quantum metrology. Moreover computational work into quantum chemistry and large molecular systems will enable the design of novel materials for artificial light harvesting as well as novel biophysical applications in medicine.

In addition, members of the Theoretical Physics group in Leeds contribute to the efforts of the Oxford Quantum Technology Hub NQIT on Networked Quantum Information Technology and the York Quantum Technology Hub for Quantum Communications Technologies. For these research networks, we design novel protocols for quantum metrology and for distributed quantum information processing. We also design, analyse and implement novel continuous variable quantum key distribution protocols.  

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