Funding and fees

If you’re hoping to secure funding for your PhD, there are many options available.

Visit to search our funding opportunities, project ideas, research areas and PhD supervisors. Scholarships are awarded on the basis of academic merit and are very competitive, so it’s important that you apply as early as possible.

Popular sources of funding for our postgraduate researchers include:

School of Physics and Astronomy Scholarship
Funding may be linked to a specific non-EPSRC funded project or your own research project. Open to all nationalities.

School of Physics and Astronomy Fee Only Scholarship
Funding may be linked to a specific non-EPSRC funded project or your own research project. International applicants only.

Science and Technology Facilities Council Scholarship
The STFC Award is Competition-Funded and the funding is linked to a specific STFC Award project. UK students will be eligible for a full award and other EU applicants will be eligible for an award paying academic fees only, except in cases where residency in the UK has been established for more than 3 years prior to the start of the programme of study. 

Leeds Doctoral Scholarships
There are a number of fully-funded places open to UK and EU applicants. 

China Scholarship Council - University of Leeds Scholarships
At least 15 China Scholarship Council/University of Leeds Scholarships are available for International fee-paying students who are nationals of the People's Republic of China. The School of Physics and Astronomy is also offering an additional China Scholarship Council/University of Leeds Scholarship.

Bell Burnell Scholarship Fund
This scholarship fund is being used to support full or part-time graduates who wish to study towards a doctorate in physics and are from groups that are currently under-represented in physics. The School of Physics and Astronomy will select up to two candidates to be entered into the IOP’s final selection panel. Open to all nationalities.

Other funding sources

Each year the University receives funding from the Research Councils for new postgraduate scholarships (Masters and research). You should check the relevant Research Council website for further information.

There are many trusts, charities and foundations that award partial funding for postgraduate study. There are huge numbers of applications for these sums of money, so you’ll need a strong case to make a successful application.


Postgraduate research fees are not regulated by the UK government so decisions on UK undergraduate fees do not apply to them. Our postgraduate research fees are set independently and reviewed on an annual basis. Where the research projects undertaken require a high expenditure on consumables, equipment or other resources an annual bench fee may be charged in addition to the academic fees. 

Fees are listed on the University of Leeds website.