Dr Greg de Boer

Aeronautical and aerospace engineering brings together a range of disciplines to design and build aerospace vehicles and infrastructure. This includes the study of aerodynamics, advanced materials, propulsion, structural design, avionics, flight mechanics and systems & control. As programme manager for Aeronautical and Aerospace Engineering I work alongside some of the brightest students in Leeds who share my interest in this fascinating subject.

The world has developed significantly since the first powered flight in 1903, with thousands of aircraft operating continuously now fundamental to the global economy and modern society. Engineers are faced with future design trends to minimise environmental impact which requires lighter, stiffer and ever more efficient aircraft. They also face challenges in the design of autonomous aircraft as robotics become integrated into aircraft systems.

In order to cater for this, there is need to develop and enthuse the next generation of aeronautical and aerospace engineers. Having started as an undergraduate myself on this programme in 2007, I have seen the course become even stronger and in creating an inspirational learning environment for students. My proudest achievement is to now be in the position to manage the programme to further successes.

The course benefits enormously from the Industrial Advisory Board which consists of members from leading aerospace companies. The board sets industrially-relevant research and design projects for undergraduates in years 3 and 4. In addition to taught aspects, there is an emphasis on teamworking and independent critical thinking within our students. This has improved graduate employability and placements, helping serve the needs of the 21st Century aerospace industry. 

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