IFS postgraduate researcher

We offer a wide range of both experimental and analytical test technique. These can be to ASTM/ISO standard and ‘beyond state of the art’. All tests can be integrated with in-situ corrosion and wear monitoring techniques. We offer tribological and mechanical testing and analysis from first concept to final product testing and validation.

Our labs are equipped with:

  • An impressive suite of commercial and bespoke tribometers
  • Component and engine testing facility
  • Metrology lab for full characterisation of topographical properties
  • A range of surface analytical techniques: Raman, AFM, FTIR, SIMS, SEM/EDX, XPS, FIB TEM and XRD
  • A PVD coating facility
  • A range of techniques for oil characterisation: rheology, TBN/TAN etc
  • Whole joint wear simulators for hip (and knee/spine) implants capable of characterising wear, friction and tribocorrosion across the length scales.

In addition, to our in-situ tribology work, we work closely with the Diamond Light Source in Oxfordshire.