Research highlights

researcher from mechanical engineering

We focus on studying the interface processes that define friction and wear performance of engineering systems, such as:

  • pistons and cylinder liner contacts in car engines
  • interfaces between the turbine blade and the casing in an aircraft engine
  • brakes and bearings
  • artificial hip joints
  • surfaces between the tool and workpiece in metal grinding and forming. 

Research highlights include:

  • Robust experimentation that advances understanding of surface-surface interactions in arduous conditions
  • Development of models that describe friction, wear and lubrication of non-ferrous materials such as DLCs, Al-Si alloys and other coatings
  • Development of a multiscale numerical models that couple mechanical and chemical effects
  • Experimental capability to test the hydrogen diffusion in steel from oil lubricated tribological systems
  • An enhanced understanding of the degradation mechanisms occurring on implantable metallic devices. This includes the development of novel tribocorrosion simulation models for bearing and modular interface found in total hip replacements
  • Novel gel coatings for enhanced lubricity and trauma for devices in contact with soft tissues. This includes synthesis and characterisation of surfaces.