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Current projects

Title Funder Start date End date
Collective behaviour of cognitive agents UKRI 1 January 2020 31 December 2023
Deep Learning with Simulated Data 1 November 2020 31 October 2023

Past projects

Title Funder Start date End date
EDGENESS: Energy Efficiency, Edge and Serverless Computing EU Horizon 2020 1 October 2021 31 October 2022
Evaluating the safety and patient impact of an Artificial Intelligence Command Centre in the UK National Health Service 1 March 2021 31 August 2022
Early Detection Innovation Sandpit Award: Research Proposal Outline Cancer Research UK 1 January 2020 31 December 2020
INSILC: In-silico trials for drug-eluting bioresorbable vascular scaffold design, development and evaluation EU Horizon 2020 1 November 2017 31 October 2020
BIANDA: Bayesian Deep Atlases for Cardiac Motion Abnormality Assessment from Imaging and Metadata EPSRC 1 April 2019 30 September 2020
Next Generation of Algorithms for Mixed Integer Linear Programming (MILP) EPSRC 01.04.2021 31.03.2023