Research facilities

Robotics at Leeds

Our academics and postgraduate researchers have access to a wide range of specialist facilities and laboratories. Undergraduate and Masters students may benefit from these facilities during their project work.

  • State-of-the-art visualization laboratories including a 48 megapixel, touchscreen Powerwall
  • Pal Robotics TIAGo: Mobile manipulator, for research into service robotics
  • Benchtop display (3x4 monitors) with tracking system
  • WorldViz PPT optical tracking system
  • Intersense InertiaCube orientation tracker
  • Virtual Research V8 stereo head-mounted display, integrated with WorldViz PPT and Intersense InertiaCube tracking systems
  • Ascension Flock of Birds tracking systems
  • 3 DOF and 6 DOF Phantom force feedback devices, integrated with ReachIn display system
  • Twin Immersion Corp Cybergloves
  • Portable System for Co-Simulation: Portable simulation-as-a-service system for human-in-the-loop co-simulation, with a driving simulator demonstrator designed in partnership with VirtuoCity and Jaguar Land Rover
  • SR Research EyeLink II Tracker (binocular, video-based, 500MHz)
  • Cloud Computing testbed: Comprising 14 high performance Poweredge servers, a cloud gateway and a data server head node
  • Rendering cluster
  • A Metralabs Scitos A5 - known as 'LUCIE'
  • A Baxter robot
  • iVIC Platform: Our cloud computing platform enables users to dynamically create, customise, migrate and scale virtual machines over clustered physical machines using an easy to use browser-based interface
  • Ultra-high resolution visualization workstations, including access to ones with medical-grade monitors
  • Wireless Intersense IS900-VWT tracking system
  • Laboratories containing both Linux and Microsoft platforms.

We also make use of University facilities, including:

Working with business

We are committed to sharing our facilities and associated expertise with external academic and industrial collaborators. Contact our Research and Innovation team for more information.