Multiscale process engineering


nanotechnology engineering equipment

We share an interest in linking detailed phenomenological understanding to process and product performance. We design detailed experiments and use advanced measuring techniques to unravel the key interactions between components at the scale of assembly and connect this through modelling to the particle-, fluid-dynamic and finally the process scale. The output of the work are new  and improved manufacturing process technologies.  

The group has access to a broad range of high-end, world class analytical techniques and use this to gain fundamental understanding that will feed into the modellers of the group who link across the engineering scales  

Research highlights

  • Development and application of novel tools and instruments for the characterisation of complex processes and products - from molecular level to large-scale operations. 
  • Development of advanced modelling techniques and their applications for analysis and design complex systems and processes across the length and time scales from molecular scale to full industrial manufacturing scale. 
  • Analysis, design and synthesis of processes for improvement of existing as well as development of new and innovative technologies. 
  • Educating research leaders of the future in the design, manufacture and commercialisation of complex products, via our EPSRC Centres for Doctoral Training. 

We maintain partnerships with over 30 multinational companies, including the pharmaceutical, fine chemical, agrochemical, food, healthcare, electronics as well as oil and gas sectors. We collaborate through a number of consortia co-funded between industry and EU, EPSRC, TSB/Innovate UK. 

Major Multiscale Engineering projects  

  • Cognitive Chemical manufacture. 
  • EPSRC Future Manufacturing Hub in Manufacture using Advanced Powder Processes (MAPP) 
  • EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Complex Particulate Products and Processes 
  • INFORM 2020 - Molecules to Manufacture: Processing and Formulation Engineering of Inhalable Nanoaggregates and Microparticles 
  • Evaporative Drying of Droplets and the Formation of Micro-structured and Functional Particles and Films – EPSRC 
  • Multifunctional Electrochemical Flow Platform for High-Throughput Synthesis & Optimisation of Catalysts – EPSRC 
  • Sludge Centre of Expertise 

Recently completed 

  • Towards Digital Design and Operation of Robust Manufacturing Processes for the Pharmaceutical Sector (ADDoPT) 
  • Robust and affordable process control technologies for improving standard and optimising industrial operations (ProPAT)
  • Intensified by Design (IbD) 
  • Creating high value compact products to increase total UK's total supply chain reach (CHARIOT) 
  • In-situ produced nanoparticles for enhanced oil recovery 
  • Innovative separation of Caesium and Strontium using flotation and magnetic particles, to convert large waste volumes into small waste packages - EPSRC