Sulphide scale formation and inhibition in combined H2S & CO2 scale and corrosion environment

This project is focused on understanding how the presence of dissolved sulphide species and the kinetics of iron sulphide formation from corrosion process in H2S and CO2 containing environments is likely to influence a complex interaction with transition cations in reservoir brines at temperatures up to 150°C.

It is postulated that such interactions could influence the surface and bulk deposition kinetics and adhesion of sulphide species such as PbS and ZnS (exotic scale) onto an Iron sulphide containing corroding surface. The corrosion behaviour of substrate pipeline material (typically carbon steel) will be investigated in H2S and CO2 containing combined scale and corrosion environments with emphasis on uniform and pitting corrosion.

The findings from the proposed project will help to improve understanding of the mechanism of sulphide scale build up, co-precipitation of sulphide scales with other sulphide and/or inorganic scales, as well as the corrosion implication of such concurrently occurring phenomena.