Tribochemical film phenomenon in total hip replacement

The current research involves metal-based alloys as a suitable material of hip joint replacements/prostheses. The study is to understand how the interactions/kinetics of the biological substances with the CoCrMo alloys surface under the tribology and corrosion (tribocorrosion) environment. The practical works use reciprocating pin-on-plate tribometer, as well as some surface chemistry analysis such as 3D interferometry, SEM-EDS and XPS.

Publications and outputs

Tribofilms on CoCrMo Alloys: Understanding the Role of the Lubricant (Biotribology, 2019) M. Taufiqurrakhman, M. G. Bryant, A. Neville Inclination Angle Effect on Surface of Copper in Biomachining (Applied Mechanics and Materials, 2014) J. Istiyanto, M. Taufiqurrakhman, G. Kiswanto, I. Santoso, T. J. Ko