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A group picture of the attendees of the workshop

The team from the University of Leeds presented applications of machine learning to aid in the destruction of chemical warfare agents.

Professor Andrew Bell being presented with a certificate

Professor Andrew Bell was recently presented with the award for his contributions to the field of dielectric, piezoelectric and ferroic materials.

Picture of Hamish Carr

Professor Hamish Carr has won the 2021/2022 Test of Time Award from the Computational Geometry Theory and Applications Journal.

Exterior of Asda House in Leeds.

Asda and the University have joined forces to better understand pressing societal challenges such as nutrition, environmental and health issues through a strategic data partnership.

Picture of Fran├žois Hallac

PhD students Fran├žois Hallac and Monty Reed win the finalist prize and third place respectively during the Early Career International Particle Technology Forum 2022.