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Quantum many body scars

Zlatko Papić has been awarded £993,674 for his research into “Quantum many-body scars: a new paradigm of order amidst quantum chaos”.

Photo of a robot in the Great Pyramid.

Engineers have developed a robot that has successfully navigated one of the narrow shafts of the Great Pyramid - in an attempt to solve one of the big mysteries in Egyptian archaeology.

Ammonite fossils

A new mathematical model developed by researchers at the University of Leeds and Uppsala University sheds new light on how major evolutionary groups arise.

Water drop

Water@Leeds launched the Water Woman Award in partnership with Athena Swan teams at the University. Researchers among environment, engineering and physical sciences were announced as winners.

Close up photo of a topological laser

A new laser that routes photons around corners could lead to future technological innovations and improvements in existing laser designs.