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Melvin Hoare RAS award

Congratulations to Professor Melvin Hoare who has won the Royal Astronomical Society’s Education Award for Higher Education 2022.

Astbury conversation

The Astbury Conversation 2022 welcomes Nobel Prize winner Sir Professor Richard Henderson who will give the plenary public lecture ‘Zooming in on the molecules of life’.

The skyline over Dhaka, Bangladesh

Governments need to be careful about the messaging around compulsory mask wearing to ensure the policy is fully effective, say researchers.

The earth from space

During long portions of the past 2.4 billion years, the Earth may have been more inhospitable to life than scientists previously thought, according to new computer simulations.

Rubicks cube

Dr Richard Foster likens his work to solving a Rubik’s Cube – albeit one that is a lot more complex than the well-known puzzle.