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X-ray of spine

A new artificial intelligence (AI) company founded by two Advanced Computer Science MSc graduates has received funding to further develop its technology.

A drone flying by a building

Engineers have developed a prototype drone-mounted wireless scanning system, which can fly up the outside of a high rise building and detect the whereabouts of individuals who may be trapped inside.

Students at the Computing Society's 2019 Hackathon

The Computing Society’s annual Hack Day always sparks innovative, creative solutions to the world's challenges, and this year was no different.

Robot grabbing items on a table

Practice makes perfect ­– it is an adage that has helped humans become highly dexterous and now it is an approach that is being applied to robots.

Dr Richard Bourne from the University of Leeds with equipment that is helping to transform the way medicines and other chemicals are produced

Recognising their exceptional contributions, Dr Richard Bourne and 2 other outstanding researchers were elected as the Royal Academy of Engineering’s Senior Research Fellows.