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Interior of a steel refinery showing the entrance to a working furnace.

Steel is essential for making many of the technologies that will end fossil fuel combustion. Unfortunately, to produce a lot of steel, manufacturers need to burn a lot of fossil fuel.

Profile picture of Dr Bethany Marsh

The Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences recently invited Professor Bethany Marsh to recount her academic journey and discuss her experience as a transgender professor of Mathematics.

Gryphon I at Spaceport America, New Mexico

Rocketeers at the University of Leeds have launched a training academy to help engineering students prepare for the so-called “Mars generation” of space travel.

Rsc winners

Academics in the School of Chemistry have been awarded a Horizons in Education prize by the Royal Society of Chemistry for an approach to teaching that helps students ‘think more like scientists’.

A line drawing and photo of a mini-robot featuring 4 wheel legs, a micro motor, a circuit board and range sensors.

A research team led by Professor Cohen, in collaboration with Professor Richardson, has developed the first mini robot that can independently inspect underground pipes for damage and leaks.