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Closeup of a water droplet

Cameras shooting up to 25,000 frames a second have been used to capture the moment two droplets of liquid come together, opening up research into new applications for 3D printing.

Tall buildings in London skyline

Professor Rodney Turner and Dr Christine Unterhitzenberger, two internationally recognised academics, have joined the School of Civil Engineering’s Project Management Group.

Quantum many body scars

Zlatko Papić has been awarded £993,674 for his research into “Quantum many-body scars: a new paradigm of order amidst quantum chaos”.

Photo of a robot in the Great Pyramid.

Engineers have developed a robot that has successfully navigated one of the narrow shafts of the Great Pyramid - in an attempt to solve one of the big mysteries in Egyptian archaeology.

Ammonite fossils

A new mathematical model developed by researchers at the University of Leeds and Uppsala University sheds new light on how major evolutionary groups arise.