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Dumbbell nebula

Astronomers have discovered why dust clouds around fading stars form unique and beautiful shapes – and their findings have revealed how our sun could look in its dying days.

Diletta Invernizzi

The IPMA Young Researcher Award, the Superior Paper Award, and a coveted spot on the Project Management institute (PMI) ‘future 50 list of young global leaders’ are all accolades received by Diletta.

Cath noakes

Professor Cath Noakes was the main scientific consultant to the makers of a new public information film designed to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

DNA nanotechnology and bioelectronics

A new and quicker method of diagnosing diseases in patients has been created by researchers at the University of Leeds.

Bragg Building Artwork

To celebrate the research of Sir William Henry Bragg, artist Sara Barker has created an original installation on the side of the faculty’s latest new development.