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Bragg Building Artwork

To celebrate the research of Sir William Henry Bragg, artist Sara Barker has created an original installation on the side of the faculty’s latest new development.

Researchers in civil engineering

Dr Gehan Selim from the School of Civil Engineering is part of an international collaboration of researchers shortlisted for the Newton Prize 2020.

wind farm

The renewable energy industry needs to adopt the ideas of a circular economy, where equipment is designed to be reused or remanufactured when it reaches the end of its operational life.

the membrane of a white blood cell using super-resolution microscopy.

The Wolfson Imaging Facility will be the UK’s first facility to allow researchers to view molecular interactions in real time.

Professor cath noakes sat on a rock

A Civil Engineering academic has received a top award from the Royal Academy of Engineering for work which has had “widespread and significant impact” in tackling the spread of coronavirus.