Constantin Neacsu

Constantin Neacsu

Anything is possible, as long as you want it badly enough. I have gone through my whole life based on this philosophy; my childhood dream to design, build and fly my own aeroplane was never going to be just a dream.

I decided that a degree in Aeronautical & Aerospace Engineering would be the best way to achieve my ambition as it would develop all the skills and qualities I would need. I realised that the University of Leeds would give me high standards of teaching, excellent research and strong connections within the industry; I knew I would grow as an individual here too.

There’s nothing like team projects for personal growth; designing and manufacturing a glider was certainly fun and extended my technical knowledge, but I learned a lot about project management and team working too.

These skills helped me secure a year in industry as part of my degree, working as a manufacturing engineer with Cummins Turbo Technologies. This experience has been invaluable for my personal, academic and professional development, building up my abilities in systems integration, critical thinking and team management.

My experiences at Leeds and Cummins have broadened my professional spectrum, revealing exciting new possibilities for my future in a wide range of industries. I’m now looking at my next steps, but always aiming for the sky.