Design sciences

Design systems

Our work covers three kinds of design system:

  • The computational systems that designers use in their day-to-day work,
  • The networks of organisations and design processes that both develop and deliver products to market, and support them through and at the end of life,
  • The socio-technical systems in which design solutions are used and from which design requirements are derived.

Our goal is to provide the theoretical frameworks that will underpin future generations of engineering design and designers. In this way our research is paving the way for new methods and tools for use in engineering design processes.  With our research, we provide the knowledge basis for process innovations that improve the efficiency and effectiveness of engineering operations.  

Our research is multi-disciplinary and we work closely with colleagues in the Leeds Socio-Technical Centre. We also work with academic and industry partners through a range of research projects.

Examples include:

Current and recent PhD student projects cover sustainable supply networks, design ideation, design iteration, innovation in SMEs, the impact of technological change of design engineers’ wellbeing and knowledge management in product development teams.  

Research team

If you are interested in collaborating with us or joining our research team, please get in touch.