Leeds-Lyon Symposium on Tribology

Cancellation - Leeds-Lyon 2020

Wind turbines in sea image for Leeds-Lyon Symposium

This event has now been cancelled due to Coronavirus (COVID-19)

The 47th Leeds-Lyon Symposium was due to take place in September in Leeds.  We received an impressive number of abstracts for this year’s symposium and we were so looking forward to welcoming tribologists, old and new, to share their recent research and socialise together.  
It is with huge regret that we have taken the decision to cancel the symposium in 2020.  The situation around COVID-19 means we cannot be certain that large gatherings will be allowed on the University campus.  Our graduation ceremonies for mid-late July have all been cancelled.  In addition, we are unsure about the position for national and international travel.  We realise that across industry and academia there is great uncertainty.    
The decision to cancel the event is particularly sad this year as we were planning to have a memorial event for Professor Duncan Dowson who sadly passed away on January 6th 2020.  He, with Maurice Godet in Lyon, founded the Leeds-Lyon Symposium series and absolutely loved the event to meet with his tribology friends.  We will consider an alternative way to celebrate Duncan’s great achievements in this area and to remember him in due course.  
We considered an on-line presence and came to the conclusion that one unique characteristic of the symposium is to meet face-to-face, share coffee and wine, share tribology discussions and enjoy a few days of physically being together in Leeds.  An on-line event could never achieve this. 
We look forward to meeting you in Lyon for the World Tribology Congress, which will encompass Leeds-Lyon 2021 and welcoming you to Leeds for the symposium in 2022.  

The University of Leeds Organising Committee
Dr Waleed Al-Sallami, Dr Erfan Abedi Esfahani, Dr Abdullah Azam, Dr Rob Beadling, Dr Greg de Boer, Dr Michael Bryant, Dr Richard Chittenden, Dr Abdel Dorgham, Dr Cayetano Espejo, Dr Ali Ghanbarzadeh, Dr Shahriar Kosarieh, Professor Ardian Morina, , Dr Farnaz Motamen Salehi, Professor Anne Neville, Dr Pourya Parsaeian, Dr Siavash Soltanahmadi, Dr Mark Wilson, Dr Liuquan Yang