Leeds-Lyon Symposium on Tribology

Professors Dowson and Neville Commemoration Event

Professors Dowson and Neville Commemoration Event

Monday 4 September 2023, 2pm–5pm, University of Leeds

This year’s Leeds-Lyon Symposium on Tribology is the first edition being organised in Leeds after the passing of Professors Duncan Dowson and Professor Anne Neville.  Among many contributions to Science, Professor Dowson and Professor Neville have been leading members of the Leeds-Lyon Symposium organising committee for many editions in the past. 

The 2023 Leeds-Lyon Symposium Organising Committee is organising a commemoration event to honour the outstanding contribution of Duncan and Anne to the Tribology research field, and the programme includes presentations from close collaborators of Duncan and Anne followed by a social gathering. The event will run adjacent to the Leeds-Lyon Symposium, on campus, but is not part of the symposium programme.

Everyone is welcome to attend and additional information will follow in due course.

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