27th International Symposium on Gas Kinetics and Related Phenomena

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27th International Symposium on Gas Kinetics and Related Phenomena

The 27th International Symposium on Gas Kinetics and Related Phenomena will be held at the University of Leeds, UK, from Monday 15th to Thursday 18th July 2024, with a welcome reception on Sunday 14th July.

The Symposium provides an open forum for the presentation and discussion of the latest experimental and theoretical research on a wide range of topics related to gas phase chemical kinetics. This has been expanded over recent years to cover all aspects of atmospheric and combustion chemistry, as well as astrochemistry and planetary atmospheres, with an increasing role for kinetics of heterogeneous and surface chemistry.

The Symposium is organised under the auspices of the Gas Kinetics Interest Group of the Royal Society of Chemistry, Faraday Community for Physical Chemistry. The Symposium has a long history dating back to 1967. It is typically held every two years, with host cities generally alternating between continental Europe and the English-speaking world, mainly the UK. The Royal Society of Chemistry’s prestigious Polanyi medal is traditionally presented at this Symposium. The 2024 Polanyi medal will be awarded to Dr Timothy Wallington for his outstanding contributions to the field of gas kinetics.


Keynote Speakers

Dr Ahren Jasper, Argonne National Laboratory, USA
Professor Elena Jiménez, University of Castilla-La Mancha, Spain 
Prof Gernot Friedrichs, Christian-Albrecht University of Kiel, Germany
Dr Matti Rissanen,  University of Helsinki & Tampere University, Finland
Dr Lisa Whalley, University of Leeds, UK
Dr Kevin Wilson, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, USA
Dr Judit Zádor, Sandia National Laboratories, USA

Polanyi Medal Recipient

Dr Timothy Wallington, University of Michigan, USA

Local Organising Committee

Members from the School of Chemistry at the University of Leeds
Dr Daniel Stone (Chair)
Professor Dwayne Heard
Professor John Plane
Professor Paul Seakins

Scientific Organising Committee 

Dr Terry Dillon (Chair, University of York, UK)
Prof Matthias Olzmann (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany)
Prof Bénédicte Picquet-Varrault (Université de Paris, France)
Dr Andrew Rickard (University of York, UK)
Prof Ian Sims (Université de Rennes, France)
Dr Daniel Stone (University of Leeds, UK)
Dr Robert Tranter (Argonne National Laboratory, USA)