Structural Engineering MSc (Eng)

The following modules are available in 2023/24 for Structural Engineering MSc (Eng) and are examples of the modules you are likely to study. All Modules are subject to change. You will study 180 credits in total.

Compulsory modules

MSc Dissertation - 60 credits
You will undertake a 60 credit dissertation. Recent topics have covered: Comparison of tensile and compressive creep of concrete; and the effects of fibres on the ductility of rc beam-column joints.

Advanced Concrete Design (MSc) - 15 credits
Covers alternative methods of design for reinforced concrete slabs and design guidance used in current codes of practice for the design of slender columns, deflection and the restraint to movement.

Advanced Steel and Composite Design – (MSc) - 15 credits 
Introduces the concepts of advanced steel design and composite construction, and their applications in engineering. Provides a basic means for the design and analysis of steel and composite structures and familiarises students with a range of typical processing techniques.

Advanced Structural Analysis (MSc/PGD) - 15 credits
Covers the latest developments, particularly the applications of computational methods in structural analysis. The review of fundamental principles of structural analysis will bring students with various knowledge backgrounds to a common level.

Design and Management of Structures in Earthquake Zones - 15 credits
Covers the fundamentals of structural dynamics and earthquake engineering, including finite elements in applied dynamics, application of engineering dynamics in practical engineering situations, evaluation criteria for earthquake-damaged structures and current retrofitting methods. 

Design Optimisation (MSc) - 15 credits
Provides an understanding of the scientific principles of design optimisation and the ability to arrive at an improved design for an engineering system that satisfies given requirements.

Foundation Engineering (MSc) - 15 credits
Provides an understanding of the behaviour of soil to cover the range of foundations available for structures, including shallow and deep piles. Also covers the analysis and construction of foundations, with emphasis on finite element analysis. Soil improvement will also be covered.

Structural Engineering Design Project - 30 credits
This module requires the student to develop concept and detailed structural engineering design solutions to meet the requirements of a site-specific client’s brief. The results of the design activity are presented in the form of a written report and drawings, with supporting calculations and, where applicable, computational output.

The full list of module information can be read in the course catalogue.