International Construction Management and Engineering MSc (Eng)

The following modules are available in 2023/24 for International Construction Management and Engineering MSc (Eng) and are examples of the modules you are likely to study. All Modules are subject to change. You will study 180 credits in total. 

Compulsory modules

International Construction Management and Engineering/ Engineering Project Management Dissertation - 60 credits
You will undertake a project during the summer months.

Recent examples include:

  • Potential impacts of climate change on wastewater treatment
  • The effects of shale gas fracking on water industry assets
  • The use of recycled glass in wastewater treatment

Project Management - 15 credits 
Covers the major concepts of project management and the role of the project manager, appreciation of investment appraisal, risk techniques and planning techniques.

Advanced Project Management - 15 credits
Takes the key aspects of project management to an advanced level, fully embracing complexity and uncertainty.

Strategic Management in Construction - 15 credits
Addresses the strategic planning process, change, culture, organisational learning, international business strategy, alliances and joint ventures, international marketing and knowledge management.

Risk Management - 15 credits 
Covers risk management theory, risk management processes, Monte-Carlo simulation, risk registers and uncertainty, and opportunity management.

Management of Human Resources and Communications in Projects - 15 credits
An introduction into organising, managing and leading project teams as well as managing communications and project information using management tools and strategies.

Procurement Management - 15 credits
Introduction to procurement management, alternative procurement strategies, partnering, client supply chain management and procurement, procuring multi-projects and a programme of projects.

Whole Life Asset Management - 15 credits  
The concept of whole-life management (WLM) and best value are introduced in the context of infrastructure project management, procurement routes and the project chain value.

The full list of module information can be read in the course catalogue.