Railway Engineering with Project Management MSc (Eng)

The following modules are available in 2023/24 for Railway Engineering with Project Management MSc (Eng) and are examples of the modules you are likely to study. All Modules are subject to change. You will study 180 credits in total.

Compulsory modules

MSc Dissertation - 60 credits
You will undertake an in-depth railway project during the summer months.  This module represents a major element of the MSc programme and will teach you skills in scientific investigation and in running an independent railway research project.

Railway Engineering and Planning - 15 credits
This module provides the key knowledge and understanding needed to plan, design and operate a railway line.  First, railway planning is addressed with a focus on project appraisal.  Next, the physical components that constitute a railway are explored.  Finally, students will use their new knowledge to design and plan a railway line.

Railway Track Infrastructure Design - 15 credits
Provides the key knowledge and understanding needed to design railway track structures and their alignment. In the first part of the module the concepts of track performance, measurement and behaviour are addressed. The second part of the module concentrates on track improvement methods and track alignment considerations.

Project Management - 15 credits
Provides understanding of project management tools and techniques and the issues currently facing project managers. It raises awareness of a range of realistic situations that a successful project manager must manage and control.

Risk Management - 15 credits
Explores the nature and purpose of risk management to provide an understanding of the value and limitations of the outcomes of risk management. Develops an awareness of risk modelling and simulation, and the transition to risk decision making on real projects.

Railway Signalling and Control - 15 credits
Explores key concepts, principals and protocols of signalling, and how trains are controlled.

Railway Investment Appraisal - 15 credits
Provides a firm grounding in the principles and practice of investment appraisal in the transport sector. Gives understanding of the key issues, to enable critical reflection on investment projects in various professional settings.

Transport Resilience - 15 credits
Explores the concept of resilience and its relation to engineering practice. Details how to increase systemic resilience by assessing & evaluating resilient designs.

Transport Infrastructure Strategy - 15 credits
This module provides a holistic and systematic approach to the design of transport infrastructure focusing on the alignment and resulting geotechnical structures. It is assessed as an integrated project using team work to produce a viable, sustainable and resilient solution.

The full list of module information can be read in the course catalogue.