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Imaging nanoparticles

New technology that can monitor nanoparticles in real-time could accelerate the production of advanced consumer products, including drugs that are key to improving the health of a growing population.

Researcher working in a lab.

Researchers are investigating whether a kinder form of radiation known as T-rays could be used to image and treat patients with skin or bowel cancer.

Basheer receiving ICT award

Professor Muhammed Basheer, Chair in Structural Engineering, has been elected as President of The Institute for Concrete Technology (ICT), to serve for the next two years.

Civil Engineers

Work undertaken by researchers in the School of Civil Engineering has contributed to an innovative green housing scheme project led by Leeds City Council (LCC) which has scooped a top regional award.

Dr Richard Bourne from the University of Leeds with equipment that is helping to transform the way medicines and other chemicals are produced

A new type of ‘self-optimising’ chemical manufacturing technology, which incorporates Artificial Intelligence into its design, has resulted in reduced costs and shorter production times.