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Leeds partnership awards 2023 winners

We are pleased to announce the winners of the 2023 Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences and University Partnership Awards.

A cropped black and white portrait of Joshua Searson.

Joshua Searson from the School of Electronic and Electrical Engineering has been announced as a targetjobs National Coding Challenge 2023 champion.

A headshot of Dr Evangelos Pournaras, smiling in an office with his arms folded

A University of Leeds research project on AI’s role in sustainable smart cities has been selected as “outstanding” by UNESCO.

A molecular view of COVID-19 on a black background.

Senior health experts warn European governments and institutions against complacency in their ongoing response to COVID-19. 

Images from a ground-based infra-red telescope, showing Jupiter at 5 micron wavelength radiation.

Academics at the University of Leeds believe they could have found the answer to a long-running mystery behind Jupiter’s famous “stripes”.