International Undergraduate Excellence Scholarships

How to apply

The application form will be available in October 2024. Please note you will require your UCAS ID to proceed unless you are a University of Leeds IFY student, in which case you will need your Leeds Student ID.   

How are the scholarships awarded?

A 25% reduction in fees in the first year of study will be awarded to high achieving and particularly deserving applicants. This is a competitive process and not all applications will be successful. The scholarship will take the form of a one-time tuition fee reduction in the first year of study. 


To be considered for the scholarship you must: 

  • be self-funding or partially funded  
  • be classified as an international student for tuition fee purposes    
  • have applied for 2025/26 entry for an undergraduate programme included in the eligible courses section   
  • enter onto Level 1. Self-funding students who are currently taking, or have successfully completed, the International Foundation Year (IFY) at the University of Leeds are welcome to apply for the scholarship 
  • have achieved or on track to achieve one grade above the grade published (or equivalent qualification, based on the criteria used by the school for offer purposes) on the course page for the course that you hold a conditional or unconditional offer for, visit for further information  
  • a clear rationale for applying to study at the University of Leeds and how it fits your future ambitions and goals. 

Eligible courses:

  • Chemical Engineering BEng / MEng, BEng 
  • Chemical Engineering (Industrial) BEng / MEng, BEng 
  • Materials Science and Engineering BEng / MEng, BEng 
  • Chemistry BSc / MChem, BSc 
  • Chemistry with a Year in Industry MChem, BSc 
  • Chemistry and Mathematics BSc / MChem, BSc 
  • Medicinal Chemistry BSc / MChem, BSc 
  • Medicinal Chemistry with a Year in Industry MChem, BSc 
  • Natural Sciences BSc / MNatSc, BSc 
  • Architectural Engineering BEng / MEng, BEng 
  • Civil Engineering with Transport BEng 
  • Architecture MEng, BEng 
  • Civil Engineering BEng / MEng, BEng 
  • Civil and Environmental Engineering BEng / MEng, BEng 
  • Civil and Structural Engineering BEng / MEng, BEng 
  • Computer Science BSc / MEng, BSc 
  • Computer Science (Artificial Intelligence) MEng, BSc 
  • Computer Science (High-Performance Graphics and Games Engineering) MEng, BSc 
  • Environmental Science BSc 
  • Environment and Business BA 
  • Geology BSc 
  • Geophysical and Atmospheric Science BSc 
  • Environmental Geoscience BSc 
  • Sustainability and Environmental Management BSc 
  • Electronic and Electrical Engineering BEng / MEng, BEng 
  • Mechatronics and Robotics Engineering BEng / MEng, BEng 
  • Electronics and Computer Engineering BEng / MEng, BEng 
  • Food Science BSc / MSci, BSc 
  • Food Science and Nutrition BSc / MSci, BSc 
  • Nutrition BSc / MSci, BSc 
  • Geography BA 
  • Geography BSc 
  • Geography with Transport Studies BA 
  • Geography with Environmental Mathematics BSc 
  • Economics and Geography BA 
  • Mathematics BSc 
  • Mathematics MMath, BSc  
  • Data Science BSc 
  • Mathematics and Statistics BSc 
  • Actuarial Mathematics BSc 
  • Economics and Mathematics BSc 
  • Financial Mathematics BSc 
  • Aeronautical and Aerospace Engineering BEng / MEng, BEng 
  • Automotive Engineering BEng / MEng, BEng 
  • Mechanical Engineering BEng / MEng, BEng 
  • Medical Engineering BEng / MEng, BEng 
  • Product Design BSc 
  • Physics BSc / MPhys, BSc 
  • Physics with Astrophysics BSc / MPhys, BSc 
  • Theoretical Physics BSc / MPhys, BSc 

Visit Course Search to view course pages for 2025 entry.

Successful applicants can expect to be notified by 30 May 2025. Please note that to confirm your scholarship, if awarded, you will need to make your course with us your Firm choice by your ‘reply by’ deadline in UCAS. 

Number of scholarships available


Year of entry