Dr Brandon Bennett

I have an interdisciplinary background encompassing philosophy and physics as well as computer science. My primary interest is in the aspects of artificial intelligence that deal with knowledge representation and reasoning, especially in the domain of spatial information.

I have developed a number of logical languages and inference systems that can be used to represent and query complex information, and have applied these to information processing problems in many areas, including geography, biology, natural language understanding, and computer vision. I am also interested in applying AI techniques to game playing and have developed algorithms capable of playing several well-known games.

I have lectured in artificial intelligence, knowledge representation and programming for many years at both undergraduate and Masters levels and have supervised a large number of undergraduate and PhD projects in these areas. I am also Director of Postgraduate Studies, responsible for oversight of all PhD students in the School of Computing and through this role I am acquainted with all the research activities and projects going on within the School.